Fancy Schmancy Gallery is open all day, every day. No appointments necessary. No need to find parking. Whether you live in a huge city or a tiny town you can “wander” through Fancy Schmancy whenever you like.

Every two months there will be a new show, filled with original artwork that was created specifically for that show, and available nowhere else… fancy, right?

I “opened” this gallery in hopes of making unique, original art accessible to everyone everywhere. (Also, I just wanted an excuse to give assignments to my favorite artists to see what they’d make). I also work with artists and collectors all over the world, so if there is work that you’re looking for that you can’t find, I’d be happy to help.

ps. Be sure to check out the Gift Shop too … it will be updated often and filled with prints and other artsy items.

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  1. Barry Gordon /// 12.17.2016 /// 8:21am

    I read about your website and I’m checking it out. I am an artist. I also formerly owned an art gallery for 11 years in Santa Monica, CA., which closed 20 years ago.

  2. lyn walters /// 12.29.2016 /// 11:59am

    I came across this website a little while ago, thanks for introducing me to some gorgeous art and cool artists

  3. Karen Lehrer /// 01.02.2017 /// 8:57am

    Love your site. I’m an artist….in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m new to your site, and look forward to checking it all out. Please visit my studio if you are in the area. I’m in the Funk Zone, by appointment only, unless you catch me with the door open.

  4. Maria lumia /// 01.05.2017 /// 3:43am

    Bellissimo sito,mi occupo di arte e dipingo miniature ed eseguo installazioni .
    Ciao e grazie
    Maria Lumia

  5. linda Goes /// 01.15.2017 /// 4:08am

    Looking for one of your pieces I’ve seen on hgtv.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.15.2017 /// 8:56am

    hm… what did it look like?

  7. Nancy Napier /// 01.27.2017 /// 5:56am

    Loved the idea of the site for inspiration

  8. Nancy Napier /// 01.27.2017 /// 5:57am


  9. CHarlie /// 01.30.2017 /// 7:13pm

    Een bron van inspiratie, thank you

  10. lumazen /// 02.03.2017 /// 7:55am

    Hi, can you emial me your mail so that I can submit work, the official button does not work on my PC
    best regards and thanks

  11. the jealous curator /// 02.03.2017 /// 8:19am

    you can just email 🙂

  12. Michele Zuzalek /// 02.05.2017 /// 3:16am

    Here’s my info for submission!
    Love your blog. I’m a painter living and working in Santa Barbara CA

    Best regards

  13. Jordan Thornbrue /// 02.13.2017 /// 3:09pm

    I love your art! I’m a high school senior and I’m so inspired by your work!

  14. Esther /// 02.16.2017 /// 7:50am

    beautiful and refined choice of art!

    I’ve send you a link to my website, I hope you like the enjoy the fine drawings!

    Thank you : )