kerry day

Plants, patterns and gorgeous linocuts … LOVE. These botanical beauties are the work of British printmaker Kerry Day. I used to do a lot of lino prints back in my student days, and whenever I see it out in the world I instantly want to start again… granted, I might need a bit of ‘registration’ advice from Kerry {mine never lined up quite so!}. Her color choices and compositions are lovely, as are her words about the way she works:

“I can lose myself in the intensity and precision of the lino cut process and the recognition that the piece is not finished until I cut that final line.”


desire obtain cherish aka jonathan paul

Mmmmm, sticky. Oh how I love these huge, melty lollipops by LA based artist Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC), aka Jonathan Paul. So, obviously giant, shiny, colorful candy art is lovely to look at, but the story behind this “Cherry Meltdown” is even better. This is an excerpt from an interview DOC did with Artsy:

“The idea for the series came to me after I had dinner with a friend years ago. She told me she was breaking up with her boyfriend. I asked what was wrong, and she said, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just kind of bored. Onto the next!” Many people look a the sculptures of my Blow Pops and feel that I make art about candy. The truth is, I make art about us. If you look carefully, it’s a sculpture of a perfect candy discarded, in fact, barely even tasted. Almost brand new, just melting in the sunlight. Simply discarded, as if our attention span was that of a child’s.”

Love it! Oh look, an excuse to show the scale of this 9 foot blow-pop one more time… here it is standing proudly beside the Grand Canal at the 2015 Venice Biennale:

Si, si, si!

*Venice images via UNIX Gallery, NY.

“crashing the kiln”

Piles of broken vintage glass, milky colors, and lots of fire. Today I’m asking ALL of the questions – I need to understand how Philadelphia based glass artist Amber Cowan does what she does!? So many teeny tiny bits of glass, assembled into gorgeous sculptures, wall hangings and installations. Also, I had to find out if her neck hurts. Spoiler alert: it does. You can listen right up there under “Rosaline Ombré Bouquet”, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, a few of my favorite pieces that I’ve written about before. The detail… IS… INSANE…

Right?! Ok, let’s get into this. Right off the top we talked a lot about this recent, super duper green, piece titled “Bridesmaids Forest”

The snail … 

Oooh, and look at this! Talk about finding a gem… this is a photo from Amber’s Instagram feed at her favorite source for old glass {note the pile of milky blue shards in the background}

Wow. I want to go to there … and I don’t even work with glass!

Next, this is a peek at “Ginny’s 16 Piece Snack Set” made from, yep, a 16 piece snack set just like this one…

A stunning transformation, again.

Oh look, here’s another one. This is the piece Amber read the note about… the broken blue candy dish that a complete stranger sent to her.  “Sky Mountain with Coy”

Gah! Gorgeous! Please note all of those teeny tiny little glass balls that Amber painstakingly makes. Seriously cannot get over that. I suppose that’s why these quick, melty bud vases are necessary in her practice…

Love. I also love that her cat made it into this shot. They always do that, don’t they?

I asked if she ever combined those super quick melts with her very intricate little pieces, and she has in fact. These are two pieces, from 2013. They are part of her “Wedding Compote” series …

And now, onto the green “Hands and Handkerchiefs”, some of her newest work…

Ah, so good! I had to show these in-progress shots too, again from Amber’s Instagram feed. Fingers being melted into their new ‘handkerchief’ holding positions. I also thought that shot on the right showed the scale nicely – I didn’t realize they were this big!

And here we are, back to that little green snail from the beginning, but now, Amber OWNS the mold…

Ah-mazing. I predict many many many snails in Amber’s future. Just a hunch.

And finally, here she is in ‘flame-working’ action. And ps., she was right… I don’t consider this a “small flame”!

Oh boy, that was so good. Thanks so much to Amber for sharing all of her thoughts, insights and advice! If you want to send her old glass just reach out to her right here. Oh, and if you want to sign up for her class in Venice next spring, the link to the school is right here, and listed below. Thank you to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and giant high-fives to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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evelyn tannus

Ceramics and tattoos as far as the eye can see! This is the fun and beautiful work of Brazilian artist Evelyn Tannus. Other than that, I don’t know anything else about her… BUT, I do know her gorgeous work is available in her shop. I also know that I might need at least one of those arms and a couple of hands. Happy weekend.

janet echelman

Gasp! Imagine walking through London, turning a corner and seeing this?! This insane floating net, titled “1.8” is the work of American artist Janet Echelman. In 2016 this beauty was hung in the middle of Oxford Circus, the busiest pedestrian area in all of London. This was its world premiere, opening Lumiere London {light festival}, but now it will continue to travel the world being shown in other cities. Ok, back to that title. Why “1.8” …

“The work’s title is 1.8, referring to the length of time in microseconds that the earth’s day was shortened as a result of a single physical event, the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that emanated from Japan. The sculpture’s form was inspired by data sets of the tsunami’s wave heights rippling across the entire Pacific Ocean. The artwork delves into content related to our complex interdependencies with larger cycles of time and our physical world. The sculpture’s net structure is a physical manifestation of interconnectedness – when any one element moves, every other element is affected.”


ps. Janet is one of the artists featured in my upcoming book! Could I be more thrilled? NO.

henrietta harris

“I Gave You All The Clues”, is a series of faceless {ish} portraits by New Zealand based artist Henrietta Harris. Each of them is titled “FIXED IT” and then numbered. I desperately want to know why these perfectly painted portraits are covered with juicy strokes of pink oil paint, but I’m wondering if she already gave me all the clues, or maybe she was just trying to fix something? Either way, I’m totally in. Gorgeous.

yuni kim lang

“Comfort Hair”… Wow. This is the stunning work of Korean born, US based artist Yuni Kim Lang. This gorgeous series is referencing Korean gache, wigs that women of high society used to wear… and the bigger, heavier, and more adorned the better – obviously! Now, I’m sure you’re wondering if this is actual human hair :

[Lang] … creates sculptures, photographs and wearable art that explores themes of weight, mass, accumulation, hair and cultural identity. She creates sculptures out of rope and synthetic materials where it transcends its materiality and become bodily. She is fascinated by what people give power and meaning to, along with our obsession with adornment. 

Ah-ha! It is in fact synthetic rope that she buys from the hardware store and then manipulates until it becomes a braided, shiny, glorious – and unbelievably HEAVY – piece of art. LOVE!

hollie chastain book … and a give-away!

And the winner is ….. Jamie Lee Osborne! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! It is a gorgeous, helpful, advice-filled book so if you see it on bookshelves during your holiday shopping, GRAB IT! 


What!? American collage artist Hollie Chastain wrote AND illustrated a book! Oh my word, this is who you want to learn your ‘collage how-tos’ from. It’s filled cover to cover with mixed media techniques, step-by-step instructions, inspirational bits ‘n pieces, AND a whole bunch of lovely paper at the back to get you started. And guess what… yep, I have one to give to one of you! Just leave a comment below and I’ll draw one lucky name on Friday November 24th. Anyone from anywhere can enter… good luck, and happy Monday!

ps. If you can’t wait for the draw, “If You Can Cut, You Can Collage”, hit shelves last week! Find it right here.

artsnacks : november box

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit I may have spun out of control on this one. It was NOT my fault though … ArtSnacks put a white acrylic pen AND a “liquid chrome” marker in this month’s mystery art supplies box, and that was only two of the items!?!?  I innocently decided to try them on black/grey pages, you know, just to see how they looked, flowed, etc. … that’s the last thing I remember :

RIGHT!??! Markers I can color with OR turn into watercolor magic, a pencil that goes on like butter, tiny YUPO papers that also feel a bit like butter, and then yes… the liquid chrome and white acrylic. Not to get too cliquey, but I’m voting those two “most popular” this year. SO. GOOD.

The holidays are fast approaching. so if you want to get in on the December box {for yourself or a friend or yourself}sign up by November 30. Order one month at a time or sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year… whatever works for you. Click here for all of the ins and outsps. enter coupon code ‘thejealouscurator’ and you’ll receive 10% off your first month of ArtSnacks.

In the November box: Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker – 1mm; Amsterdam Titanium White Acrylic Marker – 2mm; Caran d’Ache Grafwood Pencil; Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers (2);YUPO Medium Mini Paper Pad by Legion Paper; AND a roll of SweeTarts! Mmmm. 

“falling off the pencil”

Today is all about graphite drawings and animals… and ceramics, jewelry, stone masonry, teaching, free art, TV shows, celebrity chefs, leprechauns, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I’m talking to Northern Ireland based artist Lee Boyd. You can listen right under those elegant rabbits, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Let’s start with the piece Lee made based on my photo taken in Venice this summer, because, well, I could look at images of Venice all day loooooong:

Isn’t that great!? Even better and more blush-inducing is his reason for choosing the panther:

“Curiosity satisfied” : Awhile back I spent some time searching out sources of inspiration and found the interviews of artists by The Jealous Curator. She gathered together an array of artists from around the world and asked the questions, and the answers were my company as I created my own work in the studio. Not long ago she posted a picture on Instagram of herself in Venice and I took the opportunity to create this artwork after contacting her for her permission to use it. The phrase “curiosity killed the the cat and satisfaction brought it back” was the perfect anecdote for the composition but rather than any cat, I chose a stronger feline – a black panther – hunting out her passion for art.

So, amazing! I will treasure this forever.

Next up, these images are from the first post I wrote about Lee, Easter 2015:

I may or may not be obsessed with his rabbit drawings.

Oh, and this! These are the shipment container studios he was talking about, aka Project 24. How amazing is this:

I would happily have people wander by and stare in at me … like the panther that I am!

Speaking of cats, this is the drawing that greatly disturbed a woman who had been peeking into Lee’s studio:

… and of course, Sophie herself. Look at that ninja attitude… yep, she could easily take out an aye-aye.

Ok, so from cats to a male chauvinist pig hitting on a swan at the pub:

Leave her alone… she’s clearly not interested.

So, it turns out that Lee did have another {non-nude} aye-aye in his portfolio! And, in case you aren’t familiar with the weird cuteness living in the trees of Madagascar, a real photo of an aye-aye too:

Gah! I need one!

Next, Saatchi Art invites various people to curate collections from time to time. Singer Carly Rae Jepson put a grouping together and chose one of Lee’s works. Rabbits. See I’m not the only one obsessed with them:

Excellent choice, Carly.

Ok, I love this … “SHOW ME THE MONET!”. This is the BBC show that Lee was on. The stories about this were so funny, from falling through the set door to likening the female judge to a duck. Oh, Lee…

The black rabbit, aka his self portrait, was the piece featured on the show and, no surprise, it made it into the final exhibition. I love the meaning behind those empty Ikea shelves. So smart. ps. that final photograph above is from the home of celebrity chef Peter Gordon who ended up buying that drawing! 

And finally, Lee’s new portrait series that he has just embarked on. Portraits of people, with just a hint of animal. Here he is in action:

Beautiful. That’s Lee’s partner, Andrea, and her reflection as a rabbit. Sigh. Gorgeous. Thank you so much to Lee for telling us his hilarious stories, and for giving such insightful advice; thanks to Saatchi Art for not only supporting the episode but also supporting artists far and wide; and of course, thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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