sarah elise abramson

Love, love, love! This is the work of Los Angeles based photographer Sarah Elise Abramson, and FYI, the final image above is self portrait of Sarah… x3. Her portfolio is full of gorgeous, bizarre, glitter covered goodness but her Instagram feed… ooh, I could spend all day there! I love the peek behind the scenes (ie the photo of Sarah above), and outtakes from her weird and wonderful shoots. LOVE.

lisa wright

Whoa. This is the latest work from Cornwall based painter Lisa Wright. I wrote about her a little over two years ago – she was good then, but now… oh my goodness these oil paintings are GORGEOUS.

adela andea

If these light installations don’t scream “Happy New Year”, well, I don’t know what does! These light-filled beauties are the work of Romania-born, Texas-based artist Adela Andea. Explosions of color, neon tentacles and wiggly lines of pure joy! Here is an inspiring little snippet of Adela’s artist statement to send you off into the new year:

“The numerous transitions in my life made me think about the enormous capability of people to adapt to situations and even more, search for the new possibilities of personal development through inquisitive experiences.”

Happy 2018!!!

“make waves instead of going with the flow”

I am so excited for you to listen to this episode! It is filled to the brim with hilarious stories, inspiring advice, and of course, a lengthy discussion about pizza. I’m talking to Ohio based artist, illustrator, writer, speaker, podcaster, father, vivid dreamer, Boyz II Men fan club president, and former sandwich artist, Andy J. Miller aka Andy J. Pizza. Listen right up there under the surfer dude, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, these are the gorgeous, and totally inspiring, illustrations Andy does for each of his ‘Creative Pep Talk’ podcast episodes:

YES to alllllll of that! Oh, and speaking of creative pep talks, this is Andy’s most recent book filled with beautifully rendered advice from 50 amazing artists:

This is the book that features quotes from Oliver Jeffers, Lisa Congdon and Stefan Sagmeister… jealous? Yes, yes I am. {although Stefan really did kiss me – here’s a link to the proof}

Oh, and look at this! The first book(s) he did with Chronicle. The Indie Rock Coloring Book, and Indie Rock Poster Book:

So fun! And, oh yeah, he also has a day job… here are some of Andy’s gorgeous pieces he’s done for clients:

Ok, he did NOT tell me he’s done work for Nutella … I wonder if he gets a discount? I would have let them pay me in jars of that goodness!

And, obviously, after hearing Andy’s energetic and hilarious voice, you need to see him in action. Here he is in his new found happy place… on stage, talking all things creativity:

So funny! Also, I need that coffee mug to go with all of that Nutella I’m lining up for.

And finally, this was an illustration Andy did for Mental Floss Magazine, but I like to imagine this is what he looks like during one of his crazy, vivid dreams:

That could actually be my dream if that grey thing is in fact a SNAKE!? I cannot express how much I wish there was an illustration of Andy with the guys from Boyz II Men … now that would have made my year! Thank you so much to Andy for being such an open, hilarious, inspiring book; thank you to Saatchi Art for not only supporting this episode, but for supporting the podcast AND my weekly e-newsletter since they both began; and you know it, HUGE thanks to you for listening. I’m taking next week off to be with my little family, but there will be a new episode on the first Saturday in January. Happy Holidays!

Other links:

  1. The Thread House (Andy’s wife’s shop)
  2. Creative Pep Talk Podcast
  3. Andy on Instagram


will cotton

Ah, yes … nothing like a few candy-covered, absolutely jaw-dropping oil paintings by American artist Will Cotton to get you ready for the holidays. PAINTINGS!? That is all.

cyril galmiche

Screenprints? Oh my word… I’m dizzy from the fantasticness. This is the work of Paris based artist Cyril Galmiche. I may have to sit down for a moment (and then I’m going to go find my Spirograph kit) ♥

jen mann

This is the stunning work of Toronto based painter Jen Mann. I’ve written about her before, but every now and then I like to swing by her site to see what she’s been up to. THIS. All of these paintings were part of her Fall 2016 show, titled “Sweet Nothing”, at Cordesa Fine Art in LA. Not only do I love all her work, I love her current artist statement too:

“In the society of “me”, where we document ourselves like celebrities and share our lives online for everyone, the self is a prevalent, and important topic to our generation. Our identities are curated like our online profiles to reflect only the parts of ourselves we chose to keep alive. Who am I? Who are you? What does my life mean? Why am I alive? Mann’s work aims to address these very illusive questions, and explore, but not necessarily answer all of them.”

Mission accomplished.

ps. I can never resist showing the scale of her work:

sally deng

I want a ticket to this “Natural Unnatural Museum”! Oh my word, I could spend all day in this nine part mixed media piece… the polar bear, the skateboard loving tortoise, random dinosaur bones, and the odd hidden gem. Sigh. This magical place is the work of LA based artist and illustrator Sally Deng.

ikuko iwamoto

Functional and totally bizarre… yes, yes, a thousand times YES! This is the weird and wonderful work of London based artist Ikuko Iwamoto. This is what I imagine finding if one were to look for sugar bowls and vases at the bottom of the ocean… GORGEOUS! Ikuko also has an amazing fine art practice that you can see right here, but I have to admit, it was those urchin-like containers that got me with their spiky fantasticness.

{Some of her pieces are available in her online shop.}

art snacks : december box

Yes, I brought out my good friend Liz for the final Art Snacks box of 2017 … my goal… attempt to make a Liz-themed ornament. I stress “attempt”, as I may have gotten a little distracted along the way:

Well, I got one on the tree! I got sidetracked with that whole Charles / dog / candy cane scenario, and Liz’s list brought me more joy than I can explain. With a gold marker, strips of mixed media paper, pens and colored pencils it was hard to focus. Oh, and the candy cane is now long gone. {I ate it while typing this}

You just missed signing up for the holiday, but what about starting off 2018 with some new supplies! If you want to get in on the January box, sign up by December 31. Order one month at a time or sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year… whatever works for you. Click here for all of the ins and outs. ps. enter coupon code ‘thejealouscurator’ and you’ll receive 10% off your first month of ArtSnacks.

In the December box: Bruynzeel Expression Colored Pencils Set (4); Carand’Arche Metallic Gold Fibralo Marker; KRINK K-32 Acrylic Paint Marker; Pentel Slicci Gel Pen .25mm; Grumbacher Mixed Media Paper Sample Pad; Candy Cane Stick!