adrian esparza


Sarape blanket, wood, nails, enamel… now that is a fantastic materials list! Texas based artist Adrian Esparza deconstructs and then reconstructs Mexican sarape blankets, viewing them as “an evolving self-portrait.” He transforms them from their traditional, original form into stunning, modern geometric installations poetically exploring the idea of his identity as a Mexican-American growing up on the border of these two cultures. I would love to see this work in person… this is the best I can do today:




{all images via Taubert Contemporary; found via Pattern Pulp}

“good luck with that”


Episode no.4 … I’m starting to get the hang of this whole podcast thing! Today I’m talking to New York based artist Trey Speegle … and yes, that’s him with First Lady Michelle Obama. That’s just how Trey rolls. Everything we talk about in this episode is shown here so that you can follow along while we’re chatting. Most of it won’t make sense unless you listen, so just click ‘play’ right up there {see, just under Trey & Michelle}, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Ok. Here we go…


Trey’s paint-by-number work.… and paintball-by-number™, of course! These pieces are the title pieces from a few of his solo exhibitions {and that’s his trusty little dog, Lamont}. Oh, and look down there… it’s Andy Warhol’s gravestone that Trey accidentally designed:


And if you want to see the grave right this very minute, Trey told me that there is an Andy Warhol grave-cam. He wasn’t kidding. And, look what else he pointed me to! The photo above was taken with Trey’s camera at a party in New York, Hallowe’en 1988… Trey is second from the left on the bottom, and Keith Haring {yes, THAT Keith Haring} is second from the right. Crazy.

And then of course, there was the whole discussion about my invite onto the boat in Miami, but we’re both a little concerned about sharks. This is the photo we were talking about:


And finally, the most gorgeous #tbt photo I’ve ever seen… Trey, in drag for Hallowe’en, on a rooftop in New York:


Ah-mazing. Such a beautiful photo {look at those legs!}. Thanks so much to Trey for always being so fun! He’s a busy man, so I was very honored that he took the time to do this with me. Thanks to Saatchi Art for sponsoring the first four episodes of ART FOR YOUR EAR, and thank YOU for listening! There will be a new episode up next Saturday.

seth smith


These paintings by American artist Seth Smith are like beautifully painted, circular reminders of every hot summer road trip that my family ever took. First question from the sweltering backseat… does the motel have a pool!? Fingers crossed that the answer was YES. Perhaps that’s why I love these four pieces so much… four paintings, four pools! {I’m going to assume that the “Pacific Motel” has a pool!}

Happy weekend!

gabee meyer


Painted leaves… not paintings of painted leaves… painted leaves! Sigh. So pretty. These are part of a personal series by Brazilian artist/pattern designer Gabee Meyer. Now, it’s not enough that she hand painted them with repeating stripes and triangles, but she also put them all together into one big leafy, pattern… I’d expect nothing less from a pattern designer actually! {here it is, plus a few more of my faves because I can’t not share. Also, wiener dog.}:




jodi wiley


Bark. Well, acrylic bark… on canvas! These gorgeous, barky paintings {paintings!?} are the work of Melbourne based artist Jodi Wiley. I posted a photo of some very pretty tree bark on Instagram two weeks ago, and thankfully one of you wrote, “reminds me of @jodiwileyart”… click click click… gasp! Aaaand then I wrote this post. ♥

strike away show


Remember when your parents said, “Don’t play with matches” ? Yeah, well these artists did NOT listen… thank goodness! Over the last few weeks, I kept seeing fabulous little matchbox interventions pop up on Instagram, and so naturally the hunt was on! When I traced them back to the source, I found “Strike Away”a show that has nearly 450 altered matchbooks by 225 artists from around the world, curated by Courtney Cerruti and Alicia Dornadic. So fun, and oh so creative! From “burned books”, to bowling lanes, to little packs of cigarettes, this show truly covers the spectrum! Sigh. Sorry Mom, I might have to go find some matches of my own! {The show is up until June 20th at Paxton Gate Kids located at 766 Valencia St., San Francisco. If you can’t make it to the show, check out their Instagram feed – lots of the work is posted there}

*Just a fraction of the talented artists involved, shown above: 1. Jane Mount  2. Crystal Morey  3. Mandy Behrens  4. Vanessa Wimmer  5. Sara Diamond  6. Molly Hatch  7. Diana Rodgers  8. Nik Sonfield  9. Nik Sonfield

sarah ball


I wrote about UK based painter Sarah Ball, and her series of mugshot portraits, two years ago. Well, she’s currently working on a huge new body of work, titled “Immigrants”, that is equally lovely, very emotional, and beautifully painted. These are just a few of my favorites… all of these ladies happen to be Romanian, but each portrait in this series tells it’s own story. Are they excited? Terrified? Both, perhaps. Sarah is still working on pieces in this series for an extensive exhibition that will open this August in Cornwall at Millennium Gallery. If you’re there this summer… GO.

“comfort zones, and lack thereof”


Wow. We’re already at episode no.3 of ART FOR YOUR EAR! Today I’m talking to LA based photographer, the very sweet and lovely, Stephanie Vovas… I’m pushing her out of her comfort zone with this whole podcast thing, but it’s payback… you’ll see/hear why! Everything we talk about in this episode is shown here so that you can follow along while we’re chatting. Most of it won’t make sense unless you listen, so just click ‘play’ right up there {see, just under the gorgeous pregnant lady in a fur coat}, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Ready? Go!






The brilliant, visionary, art loving Managing Director of Land of Nod, Michelle Kohanzo pushed Stephanie right out of her comfort zone for this amazing project:



… and, we both have a thing for Johnny Depp in Blow. This could be a Stephanie Vovas shot, no?!


And that’s it! Thanks so much to Xanadu Stephanie for putting her nerves aside to do this with me! Doesn’t she have the cutest voice and the best laugh? Episode no.4 will be up next Saturday… see you then.

ps. Here is some proof that I got “Vovas’d”. I pushed myself waaaay out of my comfort zone to do this shoot with Stephanie – I can’t even believe this is me to be totally honest. I’m also out of my comfort zone posting these, but it seems only fair given how nervous she was to do the podcast! Now we’re tied.


Oh boy.

jim bachor


You’ve got a street full of potholes… what should you do? Call Chicago based artist Jim Bachor and ask him to fill ’em up with ice cream! “Treats in the Streets” is Jim’s latest series, in which he uses the ancient art of marble/glass mosaics to transform damaged roads into works of art… and if filling potholes with ice cream doesn’t scream happy weekend, well I just don’t know what does.

{via Colossal}


horace panter


You might think that painter Horace Panter is American given this fabulous ode to Americana… but no, he’s British. If his name sounds familiar to you, then I’m guessing you’re a fan of The Specials. Yep, in the decades following his fine arts education, he traveled the world with his band {remember, A Message to You Rudy… yep, that’s them!}. From 1998 – 2008 he was the “Head of Art” in a high school, and in 2009 he decided it was time to focus on his own work again – thank goodness because that drunk clown is calling my name!

{Thanks to Rania for pointing me to Horace’s work… here is a great interview she did with him.}