elizabeth corkery

American printmaker Elizabeth Corkery founded Print Club Boston, a studio {open to collaboration and membership} where she creates limited edition silkscreen prints. “The Grid, The Trellis” is her inaugural collection. This work is so lovely, and so is the idea behind it:

…[this series is] based around the structural geometry of the garden trellis. A commonly used armature for the upward growth of plants, the trellis simultaneously addresses the potential for fertile, organic expansion and the unnatural geometric structure of the grid.

Gorgeous! You know what else is pretty amazing? These pieces in progress, and the up-close details of each silkscreen:

Wow. The precision is beyond me.

*fyi… each print is a limited edition of 30, is 15″ x 22″, and is printed on 100% cotton fine art paper. Oh, and they’re only $100. What?! Yep.

rebecca chaperon… again

Oh boy. I reallllly love these new paintings by Vancouver based artist Rebecca Chaperon. I just wrote about her in July, and was a little obsessed with her dark, moody color palette… and then I saw these! She told me that she had a really tough summer playing around with this new palette {it truly is such a huge departure from her regular work} but I think she’s got the hang of it now! I’ve said this before, but one thing I admire so much is when an artist pushes past their comfort zone, yet the work is still recognizable as their own… well, that’s what Rebecca has done with these pink beauties! {ps. they’re hanging at “Make Vancouver” from Dec 13- Jan 15 2013 – 257 East 7th Ave}

Ok. You thought I was finished – nope! While we’re talking about pink icebergs, I just had to show you these little “miniature iceberg” watercolor paintings that she’s been doing as well:

So sweet… and affordable!

lisa golightly… again

Oh, summer… I miss you so much. Do you ever think about me? It’s going to be awhile before we see each other again, so until then I’ll just look at these gorgeous new paintings by Portland based artist Lisa Golightly ~ sigh ~ yes, these are helping. Pink skies, lazy-hazey days at the beach, and overexposed photographs to prove what a great summer it really was. Lovely.

{Good Eye Gallery included quite a few of these pieces in their pop-up show in LA, at Deasy Penner, and they’ll be up into the beginning of January. If you can’t make it into the show, you can also buy the originals through the Good Eye Gallery site. And, a few of them are available as prints through Lisa’s Etsy shop.}

molly evans (#lionelstitchie)

Now, if this is not the best way to start a Monday, I just don’t know what is! Milwaukee based artist Molly Evans, aka #LionelStitchie, made me feel like I was dancin’ on the ceiling when I saw this bright yellow stitching on forgotten furniture. Here’s how it all started:

“During the Summer of 2013 I set out on a mission to entertain my (somewhat grumpy) neighbor with an outdoor embroidery project on their discarded sofa that would make the seemingly unlovable couch more lovable. Weeks had gone by without a single bite; no one wanted that sad brown three-seater. I gave it a voice. More specifically, I gave it Lionel Richie’s lovable voice, and the rest is history.”

None of these photographs are currently for sale, but Molly has a suggestion for that… “What can you do with all that extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Why not donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a cause near and dear to Mr.Richie” – So awesome!

{…thank you to the lovely and talented American photographer Amber Mahoney for sending me a link to this hilarious work!}

jp king (and a give-away!)

Um, how gorgeous is this designie calendar?!

I know Jp King as a Toronto based collage artist. I wrote about him in 2012, and his work will be in my second book, which is all about [spoiler alert], collage! However… I did not know that Jp spends his “spare time” running Paper Pusher – his experimental Risograph print and design studio. This calendar is one of the results of these experiments… and I love it. If you love it too, well, have I got some good news for you! Jp said that he’d like to give one of these calendars away! Just leave a comment below {anyone can enter!} and on Monday Dec 16th at noon PST I’ll draw the name of one lucky reader who will receive one of these beauties, mailed directly from Jp’s studio. I’ll post the winner on my Facebook page – deal? Deal. Good luck, and happy weekend : )

jordan sullivan

Oh my. I love this series by Jordan Sullivan so, so, so much… and then I read his artist statement and I loved it even more, because yes, I’m a total sucker for a good story:

“The Young Earth is a photo series and accompanying photonovel set in Iceland. The [fictional] story follows two Americans in the last days of their twenties, one them terminally ill, as they explore one of the youngest bodies of land in the world. The young men attempt to reconnect with the natural world while confronting their own mortality and a past love triangle that briefly dissolved their friendship. The Young Earth is a meditation on death, the end of youth, and the beauty and complications that come with love and friendship.”

Death, love triangles, and dreamy photography? Yes, please. And, if you happen to be in New York tomorrow night, you can meet him and have a copy of The Young Earth signed. You should go!

Book Signing: Jordan Sullivan’s The Young Earth
ICP Store, 1133 Avenue of the Americas
Friday, December 13, 6:00pm–7:30pm

{ps. the book is also available to purchase at photo-eye and on Amazon.com}

bernhard handick

This is the mixed media work of German artist Bernhard Handick. His photographs are sexy, strange, and gorgeous all on their own… and then he goes ahead and adds just the right amount of, well, everything! Color, lines, blurs. And those birds. Oh, I love those birds so so so much.

{via Trendland}

jose romussi

Another day, another post featuring contemporary embroidery! I have written about Chilean artist Jose Romussi a couple of times already {here and here}, but when I saw his new, flowery/fashiony work, well, how could I resist? Gorgeous!

ps. Jose is 1 of the 30 artists featured in my second book with Chronicle {on shelves Fall 2014}… it’s called COLLAGE, and I’m so excited to tell you more! Wait til you see what Jose made for it! ♥

anouk desloges

Ok. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I like it! Toronto/Quebec City based artist Anouk Desloges embroiders… on plexiglass? The description of the work is: Textile embroidery on plexiglass, bronze leaf. I think there might actually be holes in the plexi?! Anyway, whatever is happening there is absolutely gorgeous. The first three are like beautifully embroidered, bronze-leafed rorschach tests… I know what I see… what do you see?

artists aiding the philippines

On November 8th, Typhoon Haiyan {local name Yolanda} struck a path of destruction through the Philippines affecting millions of people. The images seen were heartbreaking and the stories of loss unimaginable. Artists Heal PH, an online pop-up shop of art + goods, was created by Nancy Mungcal, Michelle Mungcal and Neysa Bowers {sisters} to help support relief efforts … this was where they came from – the place their family called home. Artists Heal PH will be open from November 28 – December 31. All net proceeds will be donated to benefit The International Rescue Committee.

They have gathered so much amazing work, from so many generous artists who have given their work for free. Here are a few of my favorites:

… and the jewelry! So gorgeous:

If you’re going to be doing a bit of holiday shopping anyway, why not pop by this site… things are selling out really fast {thanks to all of you amazing, generous people out there}, so if you want something, you better get over there QUICK! Thank you for helping, and happy weekend to you! xo

{1) Darren Pasemko & Vanessa Boer 2) Ann Flowers 3) Ink + Smog Editions 4) Debbie Carlos 5) Clare Elsaesser // Jewelry 1) Sarah Safavi 2) Courtney of MySoCalledVintage}