sara shakeel

“Each picture heals a part of me & I hope it heals a part of you too.”

Ahhhh, I’m feeling better already! I have to say, I kinda feel like Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel is winning the internet right now… crystal-covered images that remind us to wash our hands, not be greedy with the TP, and to stay inside? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

ps. She was one exam away from becoming a dentist. I’m so she went with art instead. Oh, and if you want more, here’s a great interview with Sara from 2019 on Elle Decor.

karen navarro


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You hit play on that video, right? Wow. LOVE. This is the fabulous work of Karen Navarro, an Argentine-born artist currently based in Houston. These pieces are from two different, but similar, bodies of work. The red/pink pieces are from “Deconstruction”, and the more sculptural works are from her ongoing series titled, “The Constructed Self”. So, why does she slice and dice her portrait photography? I’ll let Karen explain:

“I depart from stereotypical photographic portraits of subjects to render them through constructive and deconstructive methods. To disrupt photography’s flat, two-dimensional surface I cut and reassemble the images to build sculptures and collages. I use photography as the basis for the three-dimensional objects as a means to challenge our visual perception. Often implying that identity is, in fact, a social construct while also engaging with notions of existentialist.”


liz hernandez

I’m sure I don’t have to explain how much I love this palette. Oh my word, from ceramic organics, to produce on panels {ok, just the final painting is on panel – the top three pieces are on canvas, but the alliteration was just too good to pass up}. This is the work of Liz Hernandez, a Mexican artist who is now based in California. Here is part of her artist statement:

[Liz] pulls imagery from her memories of living in Mexico City, focusing on the way the mundane and the extraordinary coalesce. Recently her work has been inspired by the idea that food is a language that we can all understand. She explores food as a way to communicate ideas of immigration, community, and home.


magdalena hasenbeck

I feel like this is all of us right now… peeking out from behind spring blossoms, just waiting for the world to feel safe again. Sigh. This is the work of Polish collage artist Magdalena Hasenbeck, aka @maggyback on Instagram. I found her work because she tagged these gorgeous pieces with #30DayArtQuarantine on Instagram. All I can say… thank goodness for artists during a global pandemic ♥ Happy Monday.

ps. whatever you’re making during this lockdown, feel free to tag it with that hashtag too, so that we can all be inspired by each other. xo

“microwave cooking for one”

Mmmm, donuts and hugs… I’ll take a dozen of each, please. Today’s episode is really just me chatting with my amazing, funny, smart talented friend, Philadelphia based artist Martha Rich. We used to talk on Skype all the time when we were working on “Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk”, so I honestly kinda forgot we were recording… sooooo for those of you who tell me you like the episodes that make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on two artists talking in a café – pour yourself a coffee, hug a chocolate donut, close your eyes, and pretend you’re out at your favorite coffee shop listening in. You can listen right up there under that sprinkle-covered goodness, or subscribe right here.

First, an example of the pointy petal, cut paper pieces Martha’s been working on lately:

Loooooove. Also, the title of that piece? Yep, I LOVE that too. Plan accordingly, people.

Oooh, and here are a few grabs from her illustration job in New York Times Magazine:

She’s so good. And to all of you Americans out there, what does Martha want you to do? …

Yep. Ask your senators to make sure the November 2020 election happens!

And, I had to include this:

Hahaha! Yep, Martha and her voiceless cat, Mack, in her glass doorway. The two B&W photos are from a new series that her friend, photographer Andrea Cipriani Mecch, is doing in Philadelphia right now titled #FamilyAtADistance. The first one is Martha’s official photo, the second is clearly the most perfect outtake ever! AND, look, she’s really doing it… the paper installation on her door is underway {hm, I really should get my box of clay out at some point.} Thanks so much to Martha for hanging out with us for an hour, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

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katie kimmel & lorien stern

Oh, well hello match made in ceramic heaven!!! Yep, it’s true, American artists Katie Kimmel and Lorien Stern have a two-person show, titled “Very Rare”, opening {virtually} at Hashimoto Contemporary in New York… well, the show isn’t virtual… it’s actually installed, but the opening will be happening tomorrow night, Saturday April 4th, ONLINE! Yes, the gallery will be doing an Instagram live walk through of the show tomorrow, and both Katie and Lorien will participate from their homes in California. Ah, technology. Here is the description of “Very Rare”:

“Drawing on their mutually playful sense of humor, Kimmel and Stern contemplated what is considered ‘very rare’, and how we come to define and categorize something as such. For Lorien Stern, this theme was utilized to place a spotlight on exotic, extinct and near extinct animals, as well as rare versions of the artists well known ceramic shark heads, finished in gold luster. One notable work is a 2+ foot tall albino Komodo dragon, standing upright, tail wrapped around itself and tongue sticking out, while cheekily displaying its long, light blue perfectly manicured finger and toe nails.

Alternatively, Katie Kimmel created a series of ceramic awards and trophies, “haunted fruit”, as well as collectible items such as kitschy memorabilia reminiscent of card store trinkets and stamps. Patron Saint of Friday’s , a large ceramic bust, pays tribute to the working class chain-restaurant waitress, suspenders full of “flair”, proudly carrying a grinning cheeseburger and fries to her next table.”

The gallery will also have a bunch of unique pieces and merchandise from each artist made especially for “Very Rare”… hence making it very rare {see what I did there?}. In addition, a collaborative limited edition print will be released titled “You Are Good” {shown above}. $10 from each print sale will be donated to No Kid Hungry, who are working with schools and food banks to ensure children don’t miss meals due to Coronavirus school closures. These pieces will be available on Hashimoto’s site starting on Thursday, April 9th. Love.

dan lam

If it wasn’t frowned upon, I would totally touch {and let’s be honest, try to taste} this entire show! These weird ‘n wonderful pieces are the work of Texas based artist Dan Lam. Her newest exhibition, titled “Supernatural”, is currently showing at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland. Here are a few words from the gallery about this work:

“In her latest collection of work, Lam continues to explore her otherworldly sensibility, creating sculptures that push the boundaries of color and form alike. We invite you to enter a world of the artist’s creation, populated by signature spiky shells, kinetic patterns, and vivid neon hues. Inanimate perhaps, but these surrealist objects brim with palpable life and movement.

With Supernatural, Lam walks the line between numerous dichotomies to uncover new modes of expression. By navigating the realm between attraction and repulsion, motion and stillness, seriousness and playfulness, softness and hardness, Lam wields magic power over each idiosyncratic vision. The experimentation remains palpable, but the work never so abstract as to disengage. Compelled by these seemingly disparate juxtapositions, the viewer is overcome with a range of complex emotions and creative ideas.”

Love. It. All. Sigh. Soooo many shows are up, without people being in attendance. Please go and check out all of these shows online. The artists and galleries have worked so hard to put these exhibitions together. Stupid global pandemic.

stephanie vovas

Ahhh, LA based Stephanie Vovas is one of my favorite photographers… and let’s face it, one of my favorite people. Speaking of people, they are usually her subject matter, but recently Stephanie has also been pointing her camera in a few new directions. Gasp! These landscapes and interiors… but still with that golden, over-saturated, vintage Vovas flare! LOVE. To hire her for commercial work contact Stephanie here, OR purchase limited edition prints from her shop.

ps. Here’s a little reminder of her portrait work. I’m sure you’ll recognize it… I’ve written about her on the blog, curated her work into shows, told her story in my books, and she was guest number 3 on the podcast way back when! See, she really is one of my faves.

kurt pio

I’ve written about the large-scale bling of South African artist Kurt Pio before, and for his most recent show, Kurt’s muse is one of Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite pieces of jewelry… just a little bit bigger. Why all of the cameras, you ask? I’ll let Kurt explain:

“The Elizabeth Taylor Bvlgari brooch pendant. Gifted to Elizabeth by Richard Burton while they were both filming ‘Cleopatra’ in Rome. It was the start of a love affair. The piece of jewelry was bought from the Bulgari store in Rome and became one of Elizabeth’s most iconic and favourite pieces.
In this exhibition of mine, I’ve produced some classic cameras, these are possible cameras that the paparazzi would have used during Elizabeth’s life. The paparazzi helped to make the Taylor Burton love affair so public. And I loved the dialogue, relationship and connection this specific piece of jewelry and the paparazzi cameras had.”

“You Caught My Eye” is currently showing on the walls of Gallery Orange in New Orleans, and will be there until April 8th, 2020.

tania dibbs

Well, I guess I’m not the only one hoarding costume jewelry! These crystal-encrusted organic wonders are the exquisite work of Colorado based artist Tania Dibbs, and this is her intention behind them:

“Her sculptural pieces combine symbols of wealth and culture with their opposites, highlighting a bigger discussion about our fast changing relationship with the planet and with nature in general. This contemporary issue is indeed urgent and relevant.”


ps. Some of Tania’s work, her paintings, are currently part of a group show at Skye Gallery in Aspen, until April 22, 2020.