“kindred spirits”

I needed a little art therapy, so I called the best doctor* in the business… Andy J. Pizza. *Okay, he’s not a real doctor, but I’ll take any pizza-flavored creative pill he prescribes! We’re talking about ladders, dreams and sweatpants. Yep. I also shook things up with this week’s intro by turning it into an interview too! My lovely friend Alexandra Laqueur is the head of education at the European Cultural Academy, and an expert on all things Venice… we did a couple of TOP 5 lists for you (I think both might include gelato). You can listen right up there under Andy’s smiling face, or subscribe to ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you download your podcasts.

Okay, there’s not too much to show you today, but I had to make sure to include Andy’s chart of “Invisible Things”, and his MELANCHOLY tattoo, of course:

Love it! Aren’t they all just so great!? I think my favorite might be that little “weirdness” slug.

Speaking of love… VENICE! Here’s a photo of Alexandra waiting for a gondola, and a few fab snapshots from my past trips to this magical place:

I mean, you can’t make that up!? I’ll be teaching part of the Contemporary Art Course (August 8 – 19, 2022), and there are a few spots left if you wanna come with me! It truly is a life-changing couple of weeks.

Huge thanks to Alexandra for turning my intro into a lovely interview, and thanks to Andy for coming on – AGAIN – with such wonderful advice! I plan to start digging into all of my WHYs, and I’m excited to see what I find. And of course, thank you for listening!

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“artsy AF”

Yep, that image pretty much sums it up! Large-scale, hyperreal paintings on custom-cut panel, and a pug named Mochi. I love this episode so much. Barcelona born, New York based artist Gemma Gene is on the podcast today, and she is not only super talented, she’s also hilarious! You can listen right up there under Gemma & Mochi, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

First, a bunch of perfectly painted metallic balloons, Mochi for scale, and a couple of gigantic bows on cut panel:

Gasp! Gorgeous! ps. I threw in that last image as proof that these are actually paintings. 

Next, a few very, very special gems:

Awww, that little gem right in the middle is ‘Yellow Gem’, Gemma’s baby girl! And yes, her name really is Yellow (not Maria) which might be the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Oh, and that action shot is what Gemma and I were talking about re: dropping off a commission to Voltz Clarke Gallery… as the paint dried!

Okay, now we’re going back in time a bit to where it all began… objects wrapped in aluminum foil, because, who doesn’t love an insane challenge:

… and clearly a painted foil lobster is the gateway to foil lobster sculptures!

Next [drumroll please]… iiiiiiit’s MOCHI!

Gah! Too much cuteness… I can’t handle it! Also, can you see why she must be absolutely exhausted!? Yeah, me too.

Of course, a little plug for both of Mochi’s books is a must:

Hilarious! “Living with Mochi” is available right this second, and “Pugpyhood” can be pre-ordered.

And finally, I obviously had to include this beauty… Gemma, Mochi and the Twinchis in matching iridescent outfits:

Ah-mazing! Also amazing… everything about this conversation! Thank you so much to Gemma for taking the time to share her hilarious stories, and of course, thank YOU for listening. I’ll be back with a brand new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR  in two weeks.

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“live from new york”

Can you imagine photographing icons like Betty White and Prince? Well my podcast guest today doesn’t have to imagine… it’s HER JOB!?! Yep, American photographer Mary Ellen Matthews has been the in-house photographer at Saturday Night Live since 1999. She’s shot some of the most iconic entertainers in the world, but today, Mary Ellen is the one in the spotlight! You can listen to our conversation under that fabulous shot of Betty, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

Alright, first up, a few of my favorite shots that we talked about:

Yep, two Pauls… not to mention Andy Samberg as an olive, and Lizzo being fabulous, as usual!

Now, there were a bazillion shoots I wanted to ask her about, but I knew we were crunched for time. Here are a bunch of beauties that I’ll have to ask her about in person, someday:

How’s that for a lineup of amazingly talented people?! Betty White, Prince, and Chadwick Boseman… I mean, wow. Also, I’ve always wanted to be friends with Tina Fey and Will Ferrell. That’s a reasonable goal, right?

Ok, next… we quickly touched on the fact that Mary Ellen and her team have been creating animated pieces, and videos too! Here are couple featuring Will Forte (as a version of the ‘Sea Captain’), Melissa McCarthy, Donald Glover, and Oscar Isaac:

Fantastic! Now, as I mentioned, we recorded this conversation on a Friday. She had just photographed that week’s host, Benedict Cumberbatch, the day before, and was in the middle of editing/photoshopping when we talked. Obviously the images needed to be ready for Saturday. Well, she got them done… these are some of those photos:

Ahh, Benedict. Any time I hear his name, I can’t control myself and immediately link to this video of him reading a letter from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse. “JUST DO.”

Next up, the photos Mary Ellen took of Ashley Longshore at her house in New Orleans:

So. Much. Fun! And finally, I can’t finish this post without showing you some of the photos shot by Edie Baskin. She was the woman who brought Mary Ellen into the world of SNL, and then handed her the reins:

An icon shooting icons… LOVE. Thank you so much to Mary Ellen for taking the time to do this with me; and thanks to you for listening to the episode AND to my preamble about the future of ART FOR YOUR EAR. See you in a couple of weeks for a brand new episode, as we head toward the big 2-3-0. ~ Danielle

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“a third, a third, a third”

Yep, here we are… back with the second half of my conversation with my amazing friend, New York artist Petah Coyne. In case you missed Part I, Petah was kind enough to take over as ‘podcast host’ so she could interview me. We’re talking about the opening of my show, what worked, what I’d change, what’s next, and all of the many feelings that come crashing in after you’ve worked really hard on a body of work for a really long time. Listen right up there under that lovely vinyl lettering (I love it when that goes up on the wall!), or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

Alright, here’s look at a bunch of the ‘specimens’, most of which were shot by my talented friend Stephanie Seaton:

Yep. Gum and cigarettes and birds and flowers and mushrooms and crocodiles! Stephanie and I are gonna go back and shoot the collages once the sun goes down because, boy oh boy, that resin reflects allllll the light. I’ve posted a few videos of the collages though, so if you’d like to take a peek you can find those right here: one, and two.

And finally, a selfie taken on one of my many quiet, on-my-own, visits to the show…

… to ponder what might be next. Thanks so much to Petah for doing this with me, and thanks to you for listening. ~ Danielle xo

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“to be still”

Soooo, when Malcom Gladwell’s podcast network reaches out to you and says, “Hey Danielle, would you like to share part of an interview we did with Marina Abramović with your listeners”, you say, “ummm, OKAY!”  I’ve put a little mini episode together, featuring a 20 minute excerpt from their show, “Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso”. Every Sunday, Sam invites an artist, activist, or politician to come to the table and speak from the heart… and today that person is Marina! Look’n listen right up there, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

First, I want to show you the “Crystal Wall of Crying (2021)”,  located at the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in in Kyiv, Ukraine:

“The Crystal Wall of Crying is Marina Abramovic’s reflection on the tragedy of Babyn Yar and the Holocaust. It symbolizes the terrible impact of mass murder on collective memory and the healing potential of focused reflection for future generations. The wall creates a special space where everyone can think, remember, reflect on the tragic events of the past and draw personal conclusions. Interaction with natural quartz crystals seeks to heal the wounds of the past by reconnecting with individual body experiences. (The Crystal Wall of Crying is forty meters long and three meters high and consists of anthracite and 75 quartz crystals. Visitors are invited to interact with the crystals and meditate.)

Hopefully this crystal-filled wall will bring the healing to the people of Ukraine again, one day very soon.

Of course, we can’t mention Marina without mentioning “The Artist Is Present” at MoMA in 2010:

Did you go to this? I didn’t, but I’m so curious what it was like to be there in person? Amazing? Weird? Both?

And finally, since we were flies on the wall of Marina’s New York apartment, how about a little look:

Wait… she’s a regular person with a couch and cozy socks? Yep, we’re all just people. Thanks so much to Sam Fragoso and Pushkin Podcast Network for inviting me share this with all of you, and speaking of YOU… thanks for listening! I’ll be back with the second part of my conversation with Petah Coyne next weekend.

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“broken but beautiful”

At her request, I’ve handed the host microphone over to my dear friend, New York based artist Petah Coyne. As you might know, I’ve been working away, alone in my studio, for just over a year on a totally new body of work. Well, I wasn’t totally alone in there… Petah and I would meet via Zoom so we could talk through all of the ups, downs, and sideways. Well, after all this time, my first solo show in a public gallery opens TONIGHT! We recorded this episode about a week ago, the day before I installed everything because Petah wanted to document the “before”, and we’ll do an “after” episode next! Listen right up there under me dipping yet another flower in white paint, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

First up, the very first “3D collage” (which I do like, it just wasn’t do the job I wanted it to do) that I showed to Petah over Zoom, followed by a bunch of work in progress bits ‘n pieces:

Cigarettes, gum, and matching the gallery wall paint to one of my ashtrays, and a lovely little blush butt.

And here’s that wall, plus “Self-Preservation” starting to be put into place:

Eep! It is so exciting that all of this work is out of my head, out of my studio, and in a lovely, sunlit space! More to come in two weeks with the full reveal, OR keep an eye on my Instagram feed where I’ll be posting at the show TONIGHT. Thank you so much to my amazing friend Petah for suggesting this interview, and for – well – EVERYTHING. And of course, thanks to you for listening… the “after” episode will be up in two weeks. ps. “Self-Preservation” runs until May 15th.

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“everywhere a color”

SO, where to begin? At the beginning, of course. I asked San Francisco based artist Leah Rosenberg if she was an artsy kid… and I found out we have more in common than I ever could have imagined! Intrigued? Perfect. Listen right up there under Leah painting her installation/mural at SFMoMA, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

First up, “Everywhere A Color”. This is the work that stopped me mid-sprint at the San Francisco Airport:

Oooh, I do love a good color legend! How could I not stop to take a closer look!?

I also got to see “Gather and Break” in person at the Facebook offices in Menlo Park, California:

Obviously, I loved this too.

My favorite thing about Leah’s work (besides the stunning use of color, of course) is the personal presence required. Here’s a peek into her space at the Vermont Studio Center residency, where she created “Every Day A Color”… starting with GREEN, representing the blades of grass Leah noticed poking through the snow:

Brilliant. Also brilliant… Leah’s friend, artist Susan O’Malley‘s book, titled “Advice From My 80-Year-Old Self”:

These are photos I took of my personal copy… it’s on my mantle as we speak, and I love it and its wise contents oh so very much.

Leah and I talked about a few of the projects they did together, “A Healing Walk”, located at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA:

Sigh. So beautiful. I think we should all go for a healing walk… as soon as you finish listening to this episode!

And then, of course, there’s this beautiful, inspiring, massive undertaking:

“Getting Better Every Day A Color” at SFMoMA. What an absolutely beautiful homage to a friend and fellow artist. I’m sure Susan was with her for every colorful step.

And finally, I can’t finish this post without showing you just a little bit of Leah’s cake:

NO MORE CAKE, said her prof!? Forget that… I say MORE cake! Thank you so much to Leah for taking so much time to share her stories with me; thanks to Create Magazine (and their CALL FOR ART!) for supporting this episode; and as always, huge thanks to you for listening. ~ Danielle

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“love letters”

Yes, Toronto based Bahamian artist Gio Swaby is back on the podcast! I only had her on seven months ago, but since then her career has exploded… clearly, we need to hear everything! From articles in the New York Times and interviews on oprah.com, to five (FIVE!) museums acquiring her work! Also, can we talk about Gio in that dress at LACMA’s “Black American Portraits” opening gala!? Okay, I just realized that I ended every sentence with an exclamation point… but HOW CAN I NOT!? Listen right up there under that gorgeous self-portrait, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

Last time he told how he first tried generic Viagra, he took the pill from his brother.

First up, a closer look at the image above, and a few more of Gio’s recent self-portraits:

Drawing with thread, painting with fabric. Stunning. Speaking of which, look at this crew of fabulous women… four Swaby sisters:

These three pieces are from Gio’s “Pretty Pretty” series, and these three…

… are her sisters featured in Gio’s “Love Letter” series. So, so beautiful (and a pretty creative and beautiful way to say ‘I love you’.) 

Next up, the “New Growth” series that hung in a grid at Untitled Miami in December:

Again, gorgeous! ps. That fabulous dress is by ÖFUURË.

Okay, from an art fair in Miami to 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London:

I had to include those outtakes… Gio has such a great laugh, and here it is in action!

Okay. You guys, here is THE dress:

FABULOUS. That’s Gio (wearing Greta Constantine) with Claire Oliver (galleriest-extraordinaire), Bisa Butler (insanely talented artist), and while she mentioned jumping the drink line with Paris Hilton, somehow Gio neglected to mention hanging out with Lil Nas X. Whaaat?! Yep.

And finally, a few bits and pieces of very exciting, much-deserved press:

[CRAZY APPLAUSE HERE]… ah, it’s all so exciting, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she’s back on very soon to talk about another giant list of amazing stuff (book signings, anyone!?). Huge thanks to Gio for taking time to talk to me again; thank you to “Ask Ronna” Podcast for supporting this episode; and, of course, thank YOU for listening. There will be a brand new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR in two weeks.

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“believe you HAVE to do it”

You guys, somehow I managed to get American artist Sandy Skoglund on my podcast! I actually learned about Sandy in an art history class waaaay back in the early 90’s, and here we are today, chatting!? We talked for over 2 hours, and every story was a gem. Aside from hearing about how her installation photographs filled with cheese doodles and neon green cats came to be, I also found out that she worked at Disneyland’s SpaceBar in high school, painted baby faces on cakes in Detroit to pay for grad school, and she even did a little go-go dancing to help cover the rent for her New York studio… and that’s just the tip of the fabulous iceberg! Listen right up there under Sandy and her plaster cats, or subscribe to ART FOR YOUR EAR on Apple Podcasts.

First up, let’s go back to one of her first series of photographs… shot in a mobile home in Upstate New York in the summer of 1977:

See, Sandy said she went out and bought dolls. She wasn’t kidding!

Next, “PEAS ON A PLATE”… and more very organized food:

… and, from peas and carrots, one would obviously move onto spoons and hangers:

Ah! Iconic “Sandy Skoglund” pieces… and to find out they were shot in the same tiny apartment turned studio. So. Cool! Speaking of which, a tiny peek at Sandy’s huge portfolio of photographed installations, starting with her green cats, of course:

Yesssss! Plaster cats, clay fish, chewed gum, cheez doodles, and soooo much pop corn.

And finally, this is “The Wedding”. Walls coated in strawberry jam, floor covered in marmalade:

Whoa. That is A LOT of strawberry jam ‘n marmalade. Genius. Thank you so, so much to Sandy for coming on the podcast and sharing so many wonderful stories; thanks to Create Magazine for supporting this episode; and as always, huge thanks to you for listening! There will be a brand new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR in two weeks.

ps. I HAD to include this… the discarded cat on a stranger’s windowsill! Ah-mazing.

Other links:

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“there’s no place like home”

I kicked off 2021 with an Ashley Longshore episode, and I’m gonna wrap the year with one, too! Yep Ashley is back on the podcast today. We’re talking about JOY with a capital J … finding it in the little things, bringing it into our artwork, and not letting the state of the world break us! She also prepped a few questions for ME this time around (and yes, I blushed more than once… she does that to me!). Listen right up there under Dorothy in Beverly Hills, or subscribe to ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you download your podcasts. ps. Yes, there is some colorful art — and language — in this episode, so little ears probably shouldn’t listen!

First up, paintings from Ashley’s time at the Artist-in-Residence at the Peninsula Beverly Hills:

Ahhhh, fabulous still lifes and giant teapots! I didn’t realize how big they are… now I love them even more.

Next, a few of my faves from Ashley’s “Still Happy” series:

Yep, still happy.

Speaking of happiness, haute couture astronauts in ruby slippers:

Again, I had to show you the scale!

Up next… there really is no place like home, just ask Dorothy:

Gorgeous. I love those rosy cheeks. ps. That’s Buttercup relaxing on the studio floor. Sweet girl.

From sweet girls to fierce women… here’s a peek at Ashley’s ongoing portrait series, currently housed at Diane von Furstenberg‘s flagship store in New York:

… and here they all are in one beautiful book, titled ROAR! Thank you so much to Ashley for bookending my 2021 with her contagious energy. This is the last episode of the year, but I’ll be back with a brand new episode at the very beginning of 2022! I’ll still be sending out my daily newsletter through all of December, so feel free to subscribe… or gift a subscription to an art-loving friend! (it’s only $3/month for artsy content Monday through Saturday).

Thanks so much for listening. Happy holidays to your and yours! Danielle xo

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