robert c. jackson

Sigh. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming 24 hour news cycle we currently live in, but today I’m finding great comfort in the simplicity of good old milk & cookies, a big bowl of breakfast cereal, and a dinosaur who really loves ice cream. These beautifully executed oil paintings are the work of American artist Robert C. Jackson, a former electrical engineerYep. Happy Friday.

*All pieces shown above are 40″x30″, oil on linen

xiaojing yan

When the materials list reads … lava stone beads, golden threads … yeah, I’m going to write about it. This installation, titled “Nebula”, is the most recent work of Toronto based artist Xiaojing Yan:

“Inspired by volcano eruptions and cosmos explosions, ‘Nebula’ takes viewers into a surrealist environment far beyond reality, across time, space and dimensions. Once volcanic eruptions swipe out original landscapes, fertile lands are created. Nebulae are formed by a collapse of astronomical clouds or planets that may in turn become a stellar nursery for the birth of new stars. Both nebulae and volcanoes share the similarity of accumulating millions of years of energy to reach its button for “reset”. Through the installation, Yan represents the moment where all past experiences collide to form a burst of infinite possibilities beyond ones original existence.”


{I found her gorgeous work via Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto}

marisa veerman

Photogrembroiderwax. Okay, so here’s the thing… there’s no one simple category to pop this work into. Ethereal photography, delicate embroidery, tiny beads, and painterly wax all existing in this quiet, dreamy world created by Australian artist Marisa Veerman. Speaking of dreamy, here is her poetic artist statement:

“I have developed my techniques through a deep personal desire to find a peaceful silence.
To pause in an in between place. 
Stitching is a deliberate act of taking time.
To linger. 
To move forward slowly, quietly and with consideration.” 

Marisa has a new show about to open at Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane. It’s titled IN ALL SHE IS and is open from  September 14th through October 1, 2019.

mary baum

“presence of absence” and “where two worlds touch ii”… the titles of these two earthly bodies of work by Oregon based artist Mary Baum.

Her work deals with themes of belief and mysticism; the connection between the natural and spiritual worlds; and the relationship between magic and miracle. 

Any magic involving shattered glass, soil, sand, and stone is okay by me … sigh. Beautiful.

andrea d’aquino, ruth asawa and a GIVEAWAY

… and the winner is… REBECCA POTTS! Thank you so much to everyone who entered for a chance to win a copy of this gorgeous children’s book. “A Life Made by Hand – The Story of Ruth Asawa” by Andrea D’Aquino will be on shelves on September 3rd, 2019 so be sure to pick up a copy!

Love, love, looooooove! An artist I love, telling the story of another artist I love… could Monday get any better?  This is the latest book by New York based mixed media artist/illustrator Andrea D’Aquino. It’s titled A LIFE MADE BY HAND. THE STORY OF RUTH ASAWA” and it is so, so, so lovely! This beautifully illustrated, very sweet storybook about an important Japanese American artist will be on shelves this September, but you can preorder it right this very minute. You could also leave a comment below because I’m GIVING AWAY ONE COPY of this beauty to one of you beauties! I’ll draw one name this Friday August 23rd and, yes, everyone from everywhere is eligible because that’s how I roll. Happy Monday.

julie cockburn

Embroidery {and on two of the boys, inkjet as well} on found images. Oh, the work of London based artist Julie Cockburn. LOVE. After my post on Tom Butler’s gouache paintings earlier this week, I got a bunch of comments asking if I knew Julie’s work. I do, and I love it! I’ve already written about her, but when I checked the post it was WAY back in 2012!? Well, that’s far too long! Stunning compositions, gorgeous palette choices, and insane stitching skills. Again, LOVE. Happy Friday.

joris kuipers

Oh, so much fantasticness. I’m referring to the entire portfolio of Rotterdam based artist Joris Kuipers. After much debate {with myself} I ended up deciding to feature this installation, titled “Suspended relief 004”, that he displayed at Object Rotterdam in 2018. Breathtaking, no?

“Kuipers’ work consists room-filling installations, wall reliefs, sculptures and works on paper. Characteristic of his work is the layered structure of two-dimensional elements … Crystallization and fanning out, concentration and flow, presence and absence, are his current thinking and working framework.”

Exactly! “… installations, wall reliefs, sculptures and works on paper”. Please go look at his recent wall reliefs because they are GORGEOUS!

carrie pearce

Ah yes, I am intrigued… and let’s be honest … a little bit scared. This is the work of American painter Carrie Pearce. Where do these beautiful yet unsettling narratives come from? I’ll let Carrie take it from here:

I Make Shit Up, Is That Too Harsh? – An artist statement by Carrie Pearce

The underpinning of my work is the story. I guess you could say I am a “Story Painter of Half-truths”. I aim to create an image that has never been seen through Imaginary Realism. I enjoy digging stories out of my brain and creating a new world on the plane of two-dimensional panel.

Everything has a story, Every person, animal and object came from somewhere and carries it’s history like a ghost. Perhaps, this is why I am drawn to the haunting, turn of the century photos for my subjects. Where did you come from? What became of you? What do you want to be when you grow up? They rarely answer…

My enjoyment in the creation of art lies in the making of…“making shit up”. (BTW I am tired of being PC) So, You will see people, wildlife, and still-life paintings aimed to entertain you and convey events real or imagined through images, improvisation and embellishment.

Not too harsh at all. Keep making that shit up, Carrie!

tom butler

GOUACHE. He did this with gouache!? These are a few recent pieces from UK based artist Tom Butler. His delicate, tiny, wispy brushstrokes transform these proper subjects, on their vintage Albumen prints, into hair-covered wonders {that I’m quite sure Diane Arbus would love to photograph}. I found Tom’s beautifully bizarre work through Charlie Smith London.

ariel lee

Aaaaaand I’ve been transported to the desert… ok, except for that lovely mountain lake, but I had to include it! This is the vibrant work of California based painter Ariel Lee. These gouache on paper pieces (!?) are currently part of a two-person show (with ceramicist Maria Paz) at Hey There Projects in Joshua Tree, CA. The show, titled ‘Further Than I Can See’, runs until September 13, 2019.