erika stearly

Ahhh, I want to spend the weekend in alllllll of these paintings by American artist Erika Stearly. Also, if we’re talking about things I want, I’d also like all of the lamps and potted plants she has so beautifully painted into these quiet, comfortable, homey spaces. Which brings me to this question? Are these places real? Kinda…

“She’s found inspiration in vintage home remodeling magazines, the IKEA catalog, photos taken in friends’ houses, searching sublet rental ads on Craigslist, and most recently though Instagram.

Using a combination of watercolor and acrylic paint, Stearly quickly sketches in the setting. Despite being loosely rendered, exaggerated and often brightly colored, the collection of domestic items depicted still manage to evoke the sense of a particular place. Stearly’s paintings are often titled by street address.”

Sigh… so dreamy. A few of Erika’s originals are available on, and you can find prints here. Happy weekend.

han cao

Okay, it’s no secret that I love the combination of embroidery on photographs, but these lovely pieces by Palm Springs based artist Han Cao have taken these found images from the past, and brought them directly into our current situation. This series, titled “Quarantine Collection”, is her latest work. Here are her words:

“This collection was created as a way to remember this significant, historic time, focusing on our collective individual efforts to protect and save the lives of others.”

Beautiful. Wash your hands and wear a mask. It’s really easy.

will cotton

Oh my word, YES. I’ve been watching the “in progress” images show up on his Instagram feed for months, and finally, New York based painter Will Cotton‘s cowboys ‘n unicorns are ready to ride! His brand new show, titled “The Taming of the Cowboy”, opens this Thursday May 28th at Galerie Templon in Brussels, and runs until July 31, 2020. Here is the statement from the gallery’s press release:

“In a nod to his country’s political schizophrenia in the midst of the electoral campaign, Will Cotton offers a new take on the myth of the cowboy, symbolizing the conquest of the West. His large, ostensibly classical oil paintings portray a surprising encounter between triumphant cowboys and their fantastical steeds: pink unicorns. The figure of the cowboy evokes a strong sense of American masculinity, associated with freedom, manifest destiny and a culture of violence. In contrast, the unicorn — particularly when pink — reminds us of a more contemporary mythology that has in recent years taken possession of the little girls’ section of toy and clothing departments everywhere. Questioning the notion of gender, the exhibition explores the relationship between the sexes along with the hypersexualization of childhood, the notion of queer, and the LGBT movement, whose global mascot has recently become the rainbow unicorn.”

Okay, I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love these oil paintings even more. 

kaye donachie

Oh my word, I am in love. These oil paintings are the work of Glasgow born, London based artist Kaye Donachie. Dreamy and narrative… I want to know everything about all of these women. Here’s a little snippet from an interview with Kaye that gives a little glimpse into that:

“My paintings primarily refer to literature, biography and archival imagery. I have an interest in the early twentieth century avant-garde women who contributed to art and culture but remain marginalized figures in history. These women have a clear sense of identity, represented through their writing and art, and as muses … Many of the women I refer to are liberated modern thinkers. Their biographies are sparse but that affords a space in which to interpret narratives in my painting and representation.” ~ Kaye Donachie, Excerpts from 2018 Interview with 

Sigh. So beautiful.

carlos amorales

Gasp! This is the surreal work of Mexican artist Carlos Amorales, titled “Black Cloud”. The still images above are from the first time this was installed in 2007 {Yvon Lambert, Paris}, and the video is from the CURRENT installation at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. These black paper beauties will be covering the walls there until June 7th, 2020. Happy Monday.

“femininity. her way.”

Yes! Today’s guest on ART FOR YOUR EAR is New York based artist and illustrator Amber Vittoria. We have been overlapping on projects throughout this crazy quarantine, so clearly I took that as a sign from the universe to get her on the podcast! Amber works almost exclusively with the female form, which – you guessed it – I asked her about. Turns out, she worked in advertising at the beginning of her career, and found that she couldn’t relate at all to the images of women being used – so she started creating her own, very stylized bodies. Anyway, we’ll start at the beginning and work our way up to those stories! We recorded this a couple of weeks ago, knee deep in lockdown so take a listen right up there under that curvy, flower-carrying lady, or subscribe right here.

First up, the results of a six week artist residency she did earlier this year at Facebook’s Analog Lab in New York:

See why I asked her about these pieces? I love the work so much, and her reasons behind this series:

“Inspired by the modern embrace of individuality within office spaces, this risograph poster series leverages bright and colorful portraits of women heading into work. Historically, women and their personalities tend to be quieted or ignored within an office setting; these portraits aim to be a playful nod to celebrate how society has began to empathize with womanhood and the stories, thoughts, and ideas women bring to the table.” 

Amazing, right?! Okay, up next … Ambers’s HAPPY SOCKS!

So much fun! This was one of my biggest take-aways from this episode… that Amber continues to create the work she wants to create, using her very personalized style of drawing female figures, and the brands come to her FOR HER! This is the dream, and she’s living it.

Speaking of brands, here’s a lineup of some of her collaborations, starting with this pair of shoes she did with K-Swiss:

Not only are these sneakers delicious, I mean gorgeous, listen to the concept behind them:

“Through the bright colors of “This Space Is For You,” this collaborative K-Swiss Classic pair celebrates the space women have made to express themselves both physically and emotionally. The woman in the piece also pushes to create even more space, representing the continued crusade for intersectional feminism and equality amongst genders. This collaboration had an international release on International Women’s Day.”

Next, her mural that is installed in the Warby Parker shop in Boston:

So cool! I scoured Amber’s Instagram feed for the photo she took when she popped in for a visit, but alas, an official interior shot will have to do.

But wait, we’re not even close to finished! How about the work Amber did for the “social launch of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Love Eau So Sweet scent. The pieces embody the bright scent of Eau So Sweet, leveraging fruity decoration, daisy iconography, and warm musk coloring.” Yeah they do:

I can’t handle all of this goodness… and we haven’t even gotten to Gucci yet:

The first piece was a commission for Gucci’s DIY knitwear collection and the second illustration was for a perfume campaign.

Oooh, and this just launched! Amber’s latest class on Skillshare came out a few weeks ago, and is titled “Intuitive Illustration: 4 Quick, Fun Exercises to Unlock Creativity”:

She shares all sorts of tricks for getting out of your head… which you just know I absolutely LOVE!

Oooh, this is brand new info too. I just curated a new online show on Showfields’ site, and of course I reached out to Amber to ask for a couple of her pieces. She said, yes:

Yes! I love everything she does, but there’s something about this soft, blurred colors that speak to me. These two pieces are originals and are still available… but I’m betting not for long!

And finally, I had to include a few process shots. I love that she combines digital and analog in her work because, as she said, that kind of defines her creative experience so far. Here she is adding analog to the digital right in front of our eyes:

Love! Speaking of love… she posted that ‘line and scribble or lollipop or rose or a stop sign’ on Instagram a couple of days ago, and I just had to share it... oh art, the possibilities really are endless. Sigh. Ok, with that I will say thank you so much to Amber for doing this with me, and thanks to YOU for listening. There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Amber’s online shop : Originals / Prints
  2. Amber on Instagram
  3. Amber’s class on Skillshare
  4. Showfields x TJC Show
  5. Happy Socks… go get some!


showfields x the jealous curator

Today, FRIDAY MAY 22nd at NOON {et} I’ll be hosting a LIVE ART SALE on! I curated a grouping of the 8 fabulous artists above {and ok yes, I curated myself into the lineup!}. Please tune in because A. it’ll be fun, and B. for every person that hops on to watch, Showfields will be donating $1 to the charity of my choice… I chose Doctors Without Borders ♥  Soooo, come on over, invite a friend… or ten! This post gives you a peek at half of the available work, and here’s the description I wrote for this curation:

“While the various pieces are quite different – from ceramic eye masks and quiet landscapes, to self portraits and embroidered bits of nature – for me, the element that connects this collection is the feeling of intimacy. Each piece gives us a peek into the artist herself, creating a cocktail of beauty, humor, and vulnerability … and yes, that’s my favorite kind of cocktail!”


Aaaaand that’s a wrap! That was FUN! A bunch of the work sold during the LIVE event, but you can still pop over to Showfields to see my curation and buy some gorgeous work from some very talented artists.

angela maria sierra (aka riso chan)

“Still A Kid Inside”… that’s the title of the first piece above, and exactly how I want to feel when I’m making art! This is the work of Amsterdam based artist and educator Angela Maria Sierra, aka Riso Chan. This strange moment in history felt like the perfect time for me to come across Angela’s work. She beautifully blurs the line between analog and digital mark-making, and for me, the world has never felt more like a mishmash of analog and digital than it does right now… so many of us desperately wanting to connect with people face-to-face, while discovering wonderful new ways to stay together online.

vincent olinet

Okay, let me explain how this post came together. I found the work of French artist Vincent Olinet, first, through those fabulous brooms at the top, titled “After the waves / the waifs / Shirley and Cyndie”, and assumed I had my post. But hold on… giant wooden lipsticks!? Oh, I have to write about those. Wait, he also has brand new colorful wig brooms!? Ah-mazing! Um, the lipstick can also be huge and installed outside? Oh my word, I love them in all of their oak & anti-UV glittery goodness! Whoa, blonde braids?!

Yep. That’s exactly what my last hour looked like… and I didn’t even show you his cakes.

yosuke hasegawa

Money, money, money! Well, I found the origami work of Japanese artist Yosuke Hasegawa first, and then I fell down his ‘portfolio full of cash’ rabbit hole. Honestly, he had me at Liz folded from old Canadian bills, followed closely by Abe as a Starbucks cup… but then I saw those stunning 3D pieces… I mean, WHAT? Love.