natalie lanese

Gouache and collage on paper … WHAT? Oh my word, I absolutely love these pieces by American artist Natalie Lanese {Toledo, Ohio based}. The dizzying lines, the vibrant colors, and those cut-out hands… I LOVE IT ALL. Just imagine how fabulous it would be if these were large-scale installations? {Wait for it…}


tyrone layne

Ooooooh, now this is my kind ‘o seascape… abstract skies and the most colorful water around. This is the work {oil on canvas} of New Zealand born, Sydney based artist Tyrone Layne. I don’t know about you, but I see a cockatoo, a pink bunny, and a pair of googly eyes in those clouds… or maybe I just need more coffee on this fine Monday morning.

*some of his work is available via Saatchi Art.

“social media ‘n ketchup chips”

Yep, he’s back! Minneapolis based artist / gallerist Terrence Payne has returned for a second installment of … “PAYNE POINTS WITH TERRENCE PAYNE”. Today we’re tackling the good, bad and ugly around social media… what to do and what to avoid. He’ll also be telling us some insane stories about tattoos and potato chips, because he’s him. Let’s get started, shall we? You can listen right up there under that blob of butterflies, or subscribe here.

First up, a look at the sloths Terrence was talking about for his latest show {titled “Stand Ins” that opens on February 8th at Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis!}:

The amount of work he puts into each piece is just insane… hence the work in progress shot above, once he begins drawing.

Here is another piece for the same show, with a different type of WIP image:

Yep, that’s the digital version that he figures out on the computer. See? So many steps just to get to the “coloring” phase.

Ah yes, and I have to show you this…

The baby devil skeletons that the bathroom construction guys assumed was for Halloween. Fair enough 😉

And finally, I know Terrence said ‘no photos of your dogs and babies’ on your art feed, but since we talk about his sweet dogs and his amazing wife, Carolyn, so much, I thought I better throw in this little gem from a couple of years ago:

Awwww… and now you can see the face that goes with the voice you’ve been hearing! Thank you so much to Terrence for sharing his wisdom… and ridiculous stories; thanks to the THRIVE Network for supporting this episode; and as always a HUGE thank you to you for listening! ART FOR YOUR EAR is slowly climbing up to the top of the list in the Visual Arts category on Apple Podcasts, so if you wanna help it get to the top I’d love a rating/review to make that happen 🙂 Thanks! There won’t be an episode next weekend because I’ll be flying to MAUI {yassssssssss}, but I’ll be posting a brand new episode from there the following week. See you then! ~ Danielle

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nikoleta sekulovic

Oh my word… this is the absolutely gorgeous work {acrylic and graphite on canvas} of Nikoleta Sekulovic. She was born in Rome, to a German mother and a Serbian father, and now lives in Madrid with her family. Not only do I love her work, but I also love that her entire portfolio site features her work AND her daughters running around while she works… a perfect example of a woman being an artist and a mother. Nikoleta creates large-scale portraits of women, and this is why:

‘Every single woman is different; the way my models pose reflects a part of who they are, expressing their personality. There is no pretense, no trying to act out, they are simply themselves, and that’s great. The way a woman thinks she should look or tries to conform to an ideal of beauty should not hold her back from being who she is.’ 

Ah, so beautiful! Also beautiful, this video of Nikoleta talking about her practice, motherhood, and the drive that pushes her to create.

ps. From January 28th until February 22nd some of her work can be seen at Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.

marianne eriksen scott-hansen

Jaw. Dropped. This is the paper work of Denmark based artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen. The colors, those textures, the scale… oh my word, I’m in love. Also, paper. It’s all PAPER!

*bio photo by Frederik Lentz Andersen

ashley longshore

So, I had a choice… I could wait until Ashley Longshore was back on the podcast in a few months to feature this new series, or I could write about it IMMEDIATELY. I chose the latter. Wowza, this is Ashley’s latest body of work that she just released into the world yesterday! Here are her words about these 60″x48″ beauties:

“When I was little, my sister and I used to play and put makeup on one another… it was always hilarious and funny to see the result… I have taken people in positions of power and “played” with them…… and I love it… this series is about joy and also the subjects were once playful children… I cant describe the happy I felt when I painted this collection… there are 10 subjects… some of the subjects were far more relatable to me after I “played” with them.”

At first the Queen was my favorite {obviously}, but then Wonder Woman took the lead… sorry, Liz. Email to get info on purchasing.

ps. Ashley is a guest judge – and is giving the designers an art/fashion assignment – on Project Runway tomorrow night, Thursday January 23rd! Hit record on your VCR, or whatever it is you kids do these days.

rosie mcguinness

Patterns and lines and boldness, oh my! This is the simple yet striking work of London based artist/illustrator Rosie McGuinness. She describes her work as a place “where fashion drawing meets life drawing”… I would like to live in that place.

vivian greven

Ah yes, nothing like starting a Monday morning by falling in LOVE. This is the absolutely gorgeous work of Düsseldorf based artist Vivian Greven… and yes, they’re paintings. Oil and acrylic on canvas, and on MDF in the case of those two fabulous cutouts. Not to play favorites, but they’re my favorites! Here are a few excerpts from an interview Vivian did with Art Maze Magazine that gives a bit of insight into her work:

“I have painted bodies for as long as I can think. The question: “What am I?” has always been my driving force. I am deeply interested in the interaction of body and mind. During the painting process I gently stroke bodies into existence. Thus, I appreciate the body and try to overcome its cruel disregard in contemporary society. The body wants to be our most loyal companion but we want it to look and function like an electronic tool.”

… and in re: those two gorgeous cutouts:

“The busts belong to a part of my work which reflects upon power structures in language and imagery. They represent different Venus portrayals. Each of them has a cutout in the face, showing different punctuation marks. We use punctuation marks to create emojis in order to represent our emotions when communicating via smartphone. The busts are stigmatized with these punctuation marks. This work is about the stereotypical reduction of a human being, inside and outside.”

*Bio photo by Stefanie Stadel

“clearly confused about her role as a woman”

Don’t you hate it when that happens? So confused. Yep, my co-host today is Brooklyn based artist Natalie Baxter. I have loved Natalie’s textile work for years, and I’m sure you’ve seen it because I’ve written about her a bunch of times, she’s in both of my books on women (here and here), and she was on the podcast a few years ago. Natalie has taken quilting to a whole new level by making soft guns, stuffed American flags, and bedazzled eagles among other things. We were planning to tackle the topic of art vs. craft, which we attempted, but that also lead us down some other pretty winding paths like women in art, and mothers as artists. Yeah, big topics. You can listen right up there under her “clearly confused” banner, or subscribe here.

Here’s a little look at a few of the things we talked about. First up, a couple of her “Bloated Flags” and two “ALT CAPS” banners:

Love! And there’s more… how about some bedazzled eagles from her “Squad” series, and a bunch of “Warm Guns”:

Ooh, look at that big guy! So. Good. These guns were the first quilted pieces Natalie ever started making and, clearly, there was no turning back after that!

And finally, a couple of girls who both look fabulous in leopard print:

Ahhhh, so beautiful! I’m so excited to see what’s next for Natalie, ie., as soon as she posts about her “Housecoats”, I will too! Thanks so much to Natalie for taking the time to do this with me; thank you Create Magazine for supporting this episode… don’t forget to submit your work to their International call for women artists > February 2nd is the deadline for submissions; and huge thanks to you for listening… there will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

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  9. Natalie’s Upcoming Shows: FEMMEPHILIA (New York, NY) January 16 – 23, 2020 / DOMESTIC DISPLAYS, Alleghaney College Art Galleries (Meadeville, PA) Opening reception & panel discussion Tuesday Jan 21 6:30pm / MATERIAL ART FAIR (Mexico City) Feb 7-9, 2020 / BARBIE: Dreaming of a Female Future – Birmingham Museum of Art (Birmingham, AL) August 10, 2019 – January 26, 2020


hollie chastain

Oh my goodness. This is the latest work from American artist Hollie Chastain. I’ve written about Hollie a zillion times, because what she does with found images and old books is always beautiful. Case in point… look what she’s doing now!? Those forgotten book pages had no idea they were about to be woven together! LOVE. Happy Friday.