i’m jealous of lauren dicioccio


A cheap plastic bag from a dollar store? Nope, it’s bridal organza & embroidery that’s been made to look exactly like a cheap plastic bag from a dollar store. Re-explaining this seemed silly so I’ve taken this quote directly from Lauren DiCioccio herself: “[This] is a response to the current movement to eliminate plastic bags from consumer use due to their negative environmental impact… [They are] delicate ghosts of the original bags, mass-produced plastic replaced with soft, tediously worked fabric.”  There you go. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Tess /// 07.06.2010 /// 12:00pm

    Magical! I’ve always wanted a reusable cloth version of the ubiquitous pink-with-a-flower-&-thank-you bags, but this is a thousand times better!

  2. Nur Moo /// 12.13.2011 /// 6:30am


  3. view from the castel /// 08.08.2012 /// 7:43pm

    […] (image via The Jealous Curator) […]

  4. Katie /// 03.26.2013 /// 5:03pm

    I would personally buy these and use them like crazy

  5. jamie russell /// 10.25.2016 /// 10:09pm

    Can I buy these?

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