i’m jealous of holly farrell… again


Yet another artist that I had previously written about, and then got to meet in person at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show.

I wrote about Holly Farrell in April. I claimed not to be a fan of photo-real painting but clearly that’s becoming more and more untrue. How can you not admire the skill it takes to paint like this, theĀ  cool vintage subject matter, the lovely colour palettes, and the fact that she is so cool in person. Add all of this up, and you can’t stop yourself from becoming a huge fan of Holly Farrell.

comments (4)

  1. susan weiss /// 05.10.2011 /// 6:49am

    please add me to your email list

  2. susie legassie scoular /// 03.12.2012 /// 12:09pm

    Hello dear cousin: I love your paintings !!! (ted and i spent an awesome weekend in Brownsville with your Mom and Don.)

  3. Mona Craven /// 05.01.2013 /// 1:16am

    Dear jealous curator, i am a huge fan, you find such lovely works of art. Thanks

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.01.2013 /// 6:31am

    oh, thanks so much mona!

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