i’m jealous of kristi malakoff


This is insane… and photos don’t do it justice. I saw this life size ‘May Pole’ installation by Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff last spring up close and personal. Isn’t it beautiful? And wait, it gets better… the whole thing is made out of, brace yourself, cut paper. Yes. Everything. The curly hair, the lace, the ribbon, the birds. Everything.

{When you visit her site, make sure to check out the ‘Flower Installations’ section – all of which are made from thousands of flowers that she has photographed,  then printed and cut out of paper, and last but not least, arranged into words, scenes etc. Amazing!}

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  1. Jealous: What’s New in the Art Scene | /// 08.18.2014 /// 7:43pm

    […] kristi malakoff- just paper…just paper…and she is Canadian […]

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