i’m jealous of anthony georgis


And I YOU Anthony! … along with fries, making out at roller rinks, pinatas, and amusement parks. Ah, good times brought to you by the keen eye of Portland based photographer Anthony Georgis.

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// 12.30.2009 /// 2:52pm

    Anthony Georgis just emailed me about a very cool project he did in the summer. The photos will be ready for your viewing pleasure in January. Stay tuned… and get ready to be jealous.

  2. Cathy /// 01.07.2010 /// 12:25pm

    I really love his work, too. Can’t wait to see the new project!

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 01.07.2010 /// 3:31pm

    I know, it should be good! He told me he’d send the link in January, so I shall wait patiently… and then post as soon as I have details : )