i’m jealous of sarah williams


If I saw anyone, and I mean anyone, at the airport with this luggage, I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I’d be! These hand-crafted suitcases truly bring new meaning to the phrase ‘traveling in style’. They are from a series called Crafted Fashion by Sarah Williams. They are her contribution to the MA Show at the London College of Fashion. Here’s the thinking behind the project:

‘Historically exceptional craftsmanship was the norm now it is the exception. The collection is designed to challenge this statement by utilizing regional historical craftsmanship and metamorphosising the traditional in order to produce a collection of original fashion artefacts.’

Well, I think it does exactly that… not to mention making you the coolest, most stylish person at the departure gate!

{I found Sarah’s work on the always eclectic blog, Junkculture.}

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