i’m jealous of nina katchadourian


Yes, that’s right, you’re looking at broken spiderwebs that have been lovingly, and very carefully, mended by an insanely talented/successful American artist named Nina Katchadourian. Now, after all of the hard work and love that went into The Mended Spiderweb Series, do you think those spiders even appreciated the help? Nope. Each morning she would find her starched {and occasionally glued} red threads lying on the ground, and a perfectly intact web that had been repaired during the night by an ungrateful spider. Luckily, that didn’t slow her down. She collected, and framed, the ‘rejected patch’, hanging it beside the photo of her efforts.

{If you’re interested in mending the webs of unappreciative spiders, Nina has created a special ‘Do-it-Yourself Spiderweb Repair Kit’… see image above.}

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  1. purl scout /// 04.24.2010 /// 6:11am

    so blown away by this.
    had to share on my blog, too.
    p.s. i love love love your blog.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.24.2010 /// 7:34pm

    me too. so sweet and so beautiful.

    ps. thank you : )

  3. Nina Katchadourian /// 04.28.2010 /// 9:09am

    Just got a google alert on this, and you guys just made my day—thank you. -Nina

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 04.28.2010 /// 9:20am

    … and that made my day! Thanks for writing Nina. Your work really is amazing!