i’m jealous of ‘back to school’ shoppers

So, I saw my first ‘back to school’ ad about a week ago. I’m sure all of you students out there find that quite depressing, but not me! I used to love going back to school… granted, it was mainly for the art supplies. The smell of a newly sharpened pencil, a fresh box of crayons, and a big stack of brightly coloured paper – oh, the possibilities! And obviously, I’m not alone. I have a feeling that Dalton Ghetti {alphabet carved pencils}, Jonna Pohjalainen {log pencil crayon installation}, Diem Chau {carved crayons}, and Jennifer Stark {cut-paper sculptures} would have been thrilled to see that┬ácommercial at the end of July… ooh, maybe we could all get matching pencil cases!

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  1. megan /// 08.06.2010 /// 8:02am

    I was also a school supplies geek. I carried a pencil case throughout college and I still get jazzed about new art supplies and colored pencils with a fresh point.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 08.06.2010 /// 9:03am

    sigh… me too.

  3. Emily /// 08.07.2010 /// 9:17am

    These are amazing! I don’t know what it is but a fresh pack of the 24 box of crayolas in the school isle really makes me happy! Just found your lovely blog, now must add to my reader list!

  4. r*dean /// 08.25.2010 /// 5:55am

    love these images. Sept has always been my favorite time of year – when it really feels like a new year is beginning. I would love to be going back to school again.

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 08.25.2010 /// 6:17am

    sigh. me too. but hey, even though we’re not signed up for any classes, there’s nothing stopping us from buying all of the stuff!! ; )