i’m jealous of amy casey

I’ll be honest, American artist Amy Casey has me a little worried. Does she know something we don’t!? She’s been having a recurring dream for the past eight years about the world coming to an end… which has obviously influenced her work. The paintings above are in chronological order from 2006 ~ 2010. Are you picking up on a theme? I have to say though, it does make me feel a bit better to see that the 2010 painting includes a safety net. That’s gotta be a good sign… right?!

{Thanks Brian!}

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  1. Brian /// 08.20.2010 /// 7:43am

    She will always be one of my faves! I love her work so much. Great post!

  2. Helen /// 08.22.2010 /// 8:17am

    I stumbled across Amy some time ago, but had forgotten to take note of her name. Thanks so much for reintroducing her to me! Sensational work.

  3. Megan Charland /// 08.23.2010 /// 10:05am

    I was able to view Amy Casey’s work a couple of weeks ago here in Rochester, NY. She is in a group show (State of the City 2010) at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. I love her work. Hard to believe it looks even better in person!


  4. theGK /// 08.24.2010 /// 3:08pm

    I absolutely love these

  5. TheNightJar /// 08.25.2010 /// 6:28pm

    oh, i am for sure jealous of these terrific houses-very cool

  6. Liese /// 08.25.2010 /// 7:21pm

    I have an art crush on Amy Casey. The houses make my toes wiggly. Thank you for sharing the find.

  7. Carol /// 08.24.2012 /// 6:03am

    Had to search for Amy – glad she’s here!

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  9. Katie Featherstone /// 11.14.2015 /// 12:28pm

    These are just beautiful.

  10. Gianromano /// 01.27.2016 /// 12:57pm

    Davvero molto belli ! Complimenti !