i’m jealous of natalie perkins

Wow. Kudos to the magazine editor who hired this cheeky art director. What? You mean, the drawing/lettering isn’t part of the spread? It’s been painstakingly added, using ink and watercolour, to random pages after the fact? Genius. Pure, hand-cramping, tendinitis-causing genius! Ok, so just for the record, my doodles don’t go much further than a few hearts and the odd twirly tornado, so if I was the editor of a fancy fashion publication, I would definitely hire Australian artist/designer Natalie Perkins to doodle all over my layouts… before they hit the stands!

{via Pikaland}

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  1. Laura /// 09.22.2010 /// 6:55am

    Miss having images in my rss feed…

    The work is amazing. Please bring back pictures!!!

  2. Katrina /// 09.22.2010 /// 4:23pm

    Excellent! I agree with Laura that RSS photos would be great. I opened this post because I’m familiar with Ms. Perkins’s work and wanted to see more. Thanks for your excellent posts. Color me jealous of The Jealous Curator.

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 09.23.2010 /// 7:10am

    oops! i didn’t even realize that had happened. i upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and it must have bumped out the images… i’m working on it… stay tuned, and thanks for the head’s up!

  4. julie /// 10.02.2011 /// 1:40pm

    Totally jealous of her. She is good. I doodle…but why cant I doodle like that?Off to try now…Love your site! Julie

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.02.2011 /// 3:22pm

    i thought exactly that! ; )
    thanks julie!