i’m jealous of heather benning

Um, can you say every little girl’s dream?! Yes, it’s a real-life dollhouse. I really, really, really want to live in this amazing on-site installation by Canadian artist Heather Benning. Granted, that huge plexiglass wall might leave me a little exposed to the local farmers and the odd cow, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for art! Below are images of the transformation… from an old abandoned farmhouse in Manitoba, into, well, my new home:

Sigh… amazing. And, it even comes with a rainbow! Throw in a unicorn grazing on the grass and you’re lookin’ at my childhood dream!

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  1. Hannah Stephenson /// 10.04.2010 /// 8:31am

    This. is. AMAZING.

    I wish you could rent it!

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.04.2010 /// 11:17am

    i know. i love it. i got all tingly when i saw it… and now i want to live in it… just for a little while.

  3. Meleny /// 10.04.2010 /// 1:34pm

    Skip the dolls. My kids would love this dream playhouse! Oh what fun! Very creative and nostalgic! Love it!

  4. victoria /// 10.04.2010 /// 7:19pm

    pure genius!!! l want to go and photograph it!

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.04.2010 /// 7:44pm

    ok! and then let’s have a tea party in it!

  6. Ninotchka /// 10.05.2010 /// 4:12am

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Super cool.

  7. Lauren /// 10.05.2010 /// 6:14am

    I love this little house, have to stop by and see it every time I drive past to visit a friend. Its so cute out in the middle of no where just off the highway!

  8. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2010 /// 7:00am

    wow! you get to drive by it?! i would love to see this in person… what a cool piece of art to have in your town!

  9. Lauren /// 10.05.2010 /// 9:29am

    Its probably an hour away, but definitely worth the drive. Heather Benning’s art is amazing around rural Manitoba/Saskatchewan.

  10. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2010 /// 1:10pm

    well i’m officially jealous of you too!

  11. Heather /// 10.29.2010 /// 2:25am

    Thanks for posting the Dollhouse, and thanks for the nice comments.

  12. the jealous curator /// 10.29.2010 /// 6:49am

    Of course! And thank you for creating such an amazing piece of work!

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    […] the Jealous Curator, via sfgirlbybay’s Tiwitter} Filed Under: Art + Craft, Art for art's sake, Colours, Cool […]

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  16. Ali King /// 07.17.2014 /// 10:00am

    Heather’s new work ‘Work hard, be nice’ will be exhibited at the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum in September. Check it out at http://www.eagm.ca!

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  21. RHONDA /// 07.17.2017 /// 4:16pm

    This is the house my dad grew up in! It looks awesome!!!

  22. the jealous curator /// 07.17.2017 /// 4:22pm

    wow … really?!

  23. Rhonda /// 11.22.2022 /// 11:32am

    Absolutely! I’ve been there many times. It was a pioneer homestead.
    I’ve been inside pre-reno. My dad talks about the time a couple bad guys tried to breaking and rob her. Gramma beat them with her broom and they quickly left. She was a petite woman and evidently a good broom wielding ninja!

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