i’m jealous of heidi lender

Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty.

These were the rules that American fashion editor/reporter, turned photographer, Heidi Lender followed for this series titled Once Upon. That’s how it started anyway. Clearly on the path to self-discovery, she chose to leave the glossy pages of the fashion world and moved to India nine years ago to study yoga. Well, somewhere between upward and downward dog she picked up a camera, and over a whole bunch of Mondays, this fun weekly assignment ended up exposing the many layers of who she really was… wild, controlled, tough, sweet, and quite obviously, always fashionable!

{ps. speaking of upward and downward dogs, how cute is her dog? my crazy wiener hounds would just be a blur running past in the background!}

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  1. hmstrjam /// 11.11.2010 /// 4:59pm

    I wonder who’s taking the picture…

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.11.2010 /// 7:08pm

    hmm, me too.
    heidi… are you reading this? is it a friend, a stranger or a tripod?

  3. tjou-tjou /// 11.12.2010 /// 1:34am

    } i love these photographs. pragtig {beautiful}

  4. heidi /// 11.12.2010 /// 5:23am

    remote self-timer. see it in my left hand on the rifle? oops! πŸ™‚

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.12.2010 /// 7:08am

    oh yeah! now i’m trying to find it in the other shots ; )
    thanks heidi!

  6. heidi /// 11.12.2010 /// 5:25am

    “wireless shutter release” is the correct term.

  7. ali /// 11.12.2010 /// 7:20pm

    and what kind of dog is that? so cute! great photos too πŸ™‚

  8. pdxcarrie /// 11.13.2010 /// 2:40am

    the ten cent designer has been doing the same project for… well, a long time. interesting eh? http://the10centdesigner.blogspot.com/

    both projects look fabulous πŸ™‚

  9. the jealous curator /// 11.13.2010 /// 8:00am

    wow. that is VERY similar. i know that heidi’s work started off as part of a flickr pool called ‘bench monday‘… i wonder if this started in the same place, but she decided to get rid of the bench?

  10. Moira /// 11.18.2010 /// 9:40am

    Hi Jealous Curator and Heidi – I shared some of the images with your little dog on my blog Dog Art Today. This is an exquisite series. Really beautiful and evocative work. I would love to include your dog’s name if you have a chance to respond. And JC, your blog is one of the best in the blogosphere. Keep going!

    Link to “Once Upon” images on Dog Art Today…


  11. the jealous curator /// 11.18.2010 /// 1:47pm

    hi moira
    i’ve sent this comment to heidi so hopefully you/we’ll hear back from her : )

  12. Lori /// 11.19.2010 /// 3:54pm

    Another fab discovery from dogarttoday!,love the jc blog. Thanks all.

  13. Bridgette /// 01.06.2011 /// 9:00am


    Will you dress me?


  14. MintSugar /// 03.21.2011 /// 5:49am

    I love the colors of this outfit!!

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  16. brenda /// 12.29.2012 /// 5:04am

    Lov it!!!!

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