i’m jealous of erin m. riley

When these girls were in the middle of making some pretty ill-advised life decisions, I bet they never thought  that  photographs of said ill-advised life decisions would wind up on the internet… or on hand-dyed, woolen tapestries for that matter! American artist Erin M. Riley finds her reference images online, usually on Facebook or Google {a hot bed of ill-advised life decisions} and creates elaborate woven art from them.  Such a unique and unexpected combination of medium and subject matter! Love, love, love.

comments (6)

  1. Kira /// 01.07.2011 /// 9:50am


  2. the jealous curator /// 01.07.2011 /// 10:02am

    yep. crazy awesome.

  3. anette /// 01.07.2011 /// 12:06pm

    yes, I am jealous.

  4. Katy /// 01.10.2011 /// 7:51pm

    Very cool. It has that “Aha!” quality that so few things have – where you think, “Why hasn’t someone else thought of doing that before?”

  5. grace /// 01.27.2011 /// 8:40am

    Yes, very jelous!!!! Thank you for this post, I want to have one of these in my home!

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.27.2011 /// 9:34am

    so amazing right?!

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