i’m jealous of alison worman

There is nothing I love more than a sketchbook so thick with creative goodness, it can’t even be closed! My sketchbook is pretty fat, but thanks to Alison Worman, it’s about to get super-sized… beautiful fabrics, thread poking out the sides, layers of cut paper? Yes, yes, yes!

{via Book By It’s Cover}

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  1. Kathleen /// 03.03.2011 /// 5:54am

    There’s nothing more intimidating to me than a blank sketchbook. And these days my sketches are more like lists than drawings…

  2. Jan /// 03.03.2011 /// 7:13am

    Oh, oh, oh, I am loving this … the sketchbook by AW is grand! It makes me want to be a more industrious artist. Thanks for the swell (as in fab and as in bulging with material … lol) post.


    ps I am a new follower … I came here via Miss Moss’s luv’ly blog, and before that from A CUP OF JO :O)

  3. Elizabeth /// 03.03.2011 /// 8:24am

    Fabric and thread! I never thought of adding those to my journals. What a great idea.

  4. Color Collective /// 03.03.2011 /// 9:26am

    So neat and incredibly inspiring!

  5. Hagar /// 03.03.2011 /// 9:57am

    Beautiful work, I love stitching on paper…

  6. Gabriel /// 03.03.2011 /// 8:33pm

    My sketchbook is about to get sea lion-godzilla sized. No room for skinny books!

  7. Jesse Lu /// 03.05.2011 /// 8:34am

    Why doesn’t my sketchbook look this cool?

  8. AnnaDenise /// 04.20.2011 /// 1:12am

    Wow! Amazing – so inspiring!

  9. Pamela /// 08.30.2012 /// 4:16am

    I am sitting in front of a new book now, and scared to even make a mark in it. I would never have thought of stitching the pages.

  10. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2012 /// 6:27am

    oh i have been there. i don’t even buy new, clean, beautiful books anymore… i buy old cookbooks from the thrift store for 50cents, paint over the pages with a flat color, and THEN i sketch on that. it’s a little more freeing, because if i do something i don’t like, i just rip out the page and keep going! the book wasn’t perfect to begin with, so it doesn’t matter what i do in there! ; ) good luck!

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  13. Cass /// 02.18.2013 /// 4:59pm

    Oh yes my favorite thing to do—-sewing Omar paper. YES!

  14. Iona /// 12.25.2013 /// 2:40pm

    Perhaps I’m very dumb but I don’t get this idea. Is it just a diary of ideas etc???
    Also don;t get the jealous curator name???
    Please explain? Thanks

  15. the jealous curator /// 12.25.2013 /// 6:32pm

    yes… this is her sketchbook, but instead of just drawings, large parts of it are sewn. pretty fantastic.
    the name jealous curator is explained on my about page… have a look: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/about/
    hope that clears it up : )

  16. Wendy Moseley /// 10.21.2015 /// 4:04pm

    I live in Melbourne Australia and new to Journaling and wondered what the blank journals are called and where to buy them? Thanks Wendy

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