i’m jealous of chelsea bentley james

Sinks, shelves and hallways. Ah yes, San Francisco based artist Chelsea Bentley James has found her way directly into my heart with these muted color palettes and her everyday/mundane subject matter. Simply perfect… hmm, you might even say beautifully boring.

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  1. Jessica /// 03.16.2011 /// 8:23am

    I am seriously – SERIOUSLY – in love!! Love. Love. Love.

  2. Elise / Pennyweight /// 03.16.2011 /// 8:30am

    I am so in love with her work. Beautifully boring is a perfect description.

  3. maja /// 03.16.2011 /// 8:45am

    there’s so many massive, flashy&showy paintings right now, everywhere, like if the dimensions and expression of paint drips where the determinants of artistic value… It’s SO GOOD to see something so ostentatiously modest and ordinary, and still so characteristic and haunting.
    (and these colors, oh dear)

  4. mark /// 03.17.2011 /// 6:37am

    Beautifully boring indeed! Nice sensitive painting without being overly sentimental. Great choice for a post. Keep up the good work

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.17.2011 /// 7:38am

    ha! well you’d know mark… you are an expert when it comes to beautifully boring! (still really want to hang that show one day!)

  6. kate /// 03.21.2011 /// 6:12am

    wow. chelsea’s paintings are gorgeous and also a bit serious! she reminds me of one of my favorite artists (who’s also sf-based) http://johanssonprojects.net/phpflickr/jennie_ottinger.php

  7. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2011 /// 6:41am

    oooh! love her!

  8. Art Hound /// 03.21.2011 /// 3:05pm

    […] love these paintings by Chelsea Bentley James which I spotted over at The Jealous Curator. The subject matter (beat-up bathrooms and institutional hallways) is so unassuming and yet James […]

  9. Evita /// 03.25.2011 /// 6:21pm

    WOW. I’m seriously in love with her work. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. carolyn /// 04.19.2011 /// 1:51pm

    wow, thanks for sharing! the color palette and brush style is reminding me a LOT of jenny saville, whom i love–but with obviously more boring subjects.

    just discovered your blog, loving it!

  11. 24th Street Design » Archive » Artist Crush: Chelsea Bentley James /// 05.08.2011 /// 11:53am

    […] I love these paintings by Chelsea Bentley James!  Check out more of her work over at The Jealous Curator. […]

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