i’m jealous of miranda skoczek

Warm grey. Ahh, I have a huge spot in my heart for warm grey {please note my own branding!}. Yes, I absolutely love the color choices made by Melbourne based artist Miranda Skoczek… and don’t even get me started on those deer, diamonds, and lovely brush strokes.

{via Artsy Forager}

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  1. daug /// 10.13.2011 /// 8:32am

    her work is amazing. and colors! ahh! i wish i could afford one!

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2011 /// 9:59am

    yep – those color choices are FANTASTIC! ♥

  3. m.a.tateishi /// 10.13.2011 /// 10:07am

    Lovely, lovely work. I think there must be some beautiful light in Australia or an appreciation of extravagant colour, because so much of the art and design from there appeals to me. Maybe it’s time to visit…

  4. Lesley /// 10.13.2011 /// 10:35am

    Thanks for linking from Artsy Forager! We seem to have similar tastes in artists to be jealous of. 😉

    Love your site!
    Lesley AKA the Artsy Forager

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2011 /// 1:18pm

    oh you’re welcome… thanks for having so many great posts to link to ; )

  6. s. carmody /// 10.13.2011 /// 5:12pm

    They look quite beautiful. I’m a little jealous too. All this talent makes me want to take time off next year to just paint and make 3D objects!

  7. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2011 /// 5:22pm

    yes! i’ll come with you!! ; )

  8. Amelia /// 10.13.2011 /// 11:18pm

    Miranda’s works are amazing– I’ve seen em in the flesh and can vouch for some larger than life colourful awesomeness. Plus — wanna be even mroe jealous? Melbourne homewares/import store Fenton and Fenton use them for the “in-situ” galleries of their products — check out how fabulous they look in a living room (second gallery — scroll down): http://www.fentonandfenton.com.au/category/gallery/

  9. Amelia /// 10.13.2011 /// 11:33pm

    Oh, and also — a studio sneak peek:

  10. the jealous curator /// 10.14.2011 /// 6:31am

    wow! thank you so much amelia! both of those links are fantastic (i particularly LOVE the studio shots!!! gorgeous work)

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