i’m jealous of caroline wright

Washy, delicate, monochromatic terrariums {that are home to some very creative spiders} on a rainy day… I’m not sure if that’s what Austin based artist Caroline Wright intended with these lovely pieces, but that’s what I see! How about you?

{I found Caroline’s work on artmuse.com, also based in Austin. It is an online gallery that “believes everyone should have more Art in their life, and supports connecting Artists and Collectors.” Sounds good to me!}

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  1. Lisa /// 11.16.2011 /// 9:23am

    spooky little painting, aren’t they? but i like em..

  2. Diana /// 11.16.2011 /// 9:33am

    They have an intimate feel… I like them.

  3. Bonnie /// 11.16.2011 /// 10:05am

    Thanks for showing off Caroline’s new work! Here’s Caroline’s statement about this new series:

    Endeavor to Use It for the Children Of God | Taking its title from a particularly beseeching spam letter, this series of pencil and ink wash drawings references children’s book illustration and the mystery of a simple sketch. Inviting and diverting narrative, the frail structures offer a tenuous sense of protection, and the potential for loss or salvation. ~ Caroline Wright

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.16.2011 /// 11:20am

    thanks so much for that bonnie! i couldn’t find a statement about this work… so i just went with my own “rainy day terrarium” theory ; )
    beautiful work!

  5. KC /// 11.16.2011 /// 12:15pm

    These have a nice quality to them. In a weird way they kind of
    remind me of Lucas Jonson’s rock/landscape drawings.

  6. Bonnie /// 11.16.2011 /// 12:36pm

    Caroline will be happy with response and showcase you have posted. I hadn’t posted her statement on artmuse.com quite yet. However, I like your “rainy day terrarium” theory. 😉

  7. PalCarl /// 11.17.2011 /// 12:37pm

    You now share the intense pangs of jealousy and wonder that Caroline’s work provokes. She is a remarkable, gifted individual, and like Salieri railing to the heavens about the work of Mozart, I too yearn to possess her ability.

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