i’m jealous of “selflesh”

So, the other day a reader named Lisa left a comment on one of my posts, with a link to the work in this Etsy shop {thank you Lisa – clearly, you know what I like!} I didn’t recognize the shop name, but the work looked strangely familiar… and rightly so! This is the work of Shannon Rankin, an amazing American installation artist that I wrote about last January! These are her smaller, non-installation pieces, that she sells from her Etsy shop, selflesh. She uses bits of maps, and embroidery thread to make me jealous create these lovely {unbelievably inexpensive!} pieces.

comments (3)

  1. Hagar /// 12.08.2011 /// 7:51am

    A day after a day with amazing finds- its tooo much!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.08.2011 /// 9:23am

    wait til you see tomorrow’s post! 😉

  3. sarah hemm /// 12.08.2011 /// 4:53pm

    Oh wow. Love!