i’m jealous of isadora fidler stowe

Cupcakes, tea, peppermint sticks, ribbon candy, and even a few little birds. Yep, this looks like an amazing tea party… and I want an invitation, please! American artist Isadora Fidler Stowe creates these little paintings, that on first glance seem like closeups of larger pieces. Even though they are individual pieces, they all feel connected… it’s as though that ribbon is winding it’s way through each lovely painting, entangling a peppermint stick, a cupcake, or even a bird that happens to cross it’s path.

ps. I don’t have to mention her amazing color choices, right? Right, of course, you can see that for yourself!

comments (4)

  1. Daughter Earth /// 12.15.2011 /// 9:27am

    WOW! Those colors. They glow!

  2. m.a.tateishi /// 12.15.2011 /// 9:28pm

    These are great, but they become even more interesting in their large wall installations. And you’re right, the colours are amazing.

  3. Eric Stromquist /// 12.19.2011 /// 2:36pm

    I have been to her studio, she is very talented

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.19.2011 /// 9:48am

    oh, i’d love to have a look around her studio! and yes, very talented!

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