i’m jealous of zander olsen

Trees, wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon… hence the title of this beautiful work by Zander OlsenTree Line.

“This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire, and Wales, involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.”

Sigh. That first one kills me.

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  1. Lara /// 02.13.2012 /// 6:08am

    Wow! Frequent visitor, but never left a comment. Just HAD to say I’m mighty jealous too as these are about the coolest thing I’ve seen 🙂

  2. Artsy Forager /// 02.13.2012 /// 11:34am

    I’ve had this work pinned over on Pinterest for awhile.. it’s brilliant!

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.13.2012 /// 11:42am

    yeah, i’m a little late to the party on this one… it’s just so fantastic that i had to show it!

  4. Jessica @ Artwork Network /// 02.14.2012 /// 12:33pm

    Oh, I’m jealous, too! Zander Olsen obviously has a very fantastic eye. I’m sure I would never have thought of this in a million years.

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  6. Grace /// 02.17.2012 /// 12:24pm

    So what type of material is this? Was it removed? What happens now? It does look amazing – what a great idea! I’m an artist myself and am all for art, just wonder if it is bio-degradable. And if it was left on, etc.

  7. Sara /// 02.17.2012 /// 2:52pm

    great response art. thanks.

  8. Leslie /// 02.18.2012 /// 5:11am

    Wow! The best ideas are the simplest. I can’t stop looking at these. I think the third and fourth are my favorites, but they are all wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  9. Amy Faville /// 02.20.2012 /// 6:28pm

    Incredible. I’m jealous of everything on this site!

  10. Marjolein /// 02.28.2012 /// 1:53am

    Beautiful images. Remind me of “Brandenburg 1995”, a picture of Belgian photographer Michiel Hendryckx.

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  12. Bridget /// 03.13.2013 /// 12:17pm

    If you like Zander Olsen’s Tree Line Project, check out Andy Goldsworthy. I’m certain Olsen took inspiration from his work.

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  14. THOMAS ALLEN /// 06.21.2017 /// 5:50pm

    These are a direct rip off of John Pfahl. He did this same exact thing in the 70’s.