i’m jealous of margie livingston

Ok, if you have ever worked with acrylic paint you know how fun/satisfying it is to peel the hardened paint off of  your palette. During my BFA I saved a whole bunch of this strange, plastic, skin-like stuff… but alas, I never made anything with it. Well, Seattle based artist Margie Livingston did. She created this fantastic work, that she describes as “both a three-dimensional painting and a sculpture made of paint.” That’s right these sculptures, or paintings, or sculptures, were created using only acrylic paint… layers and layers and layers and layers of hardened acrylic paint. So jealous.

{via Artsy Forager}

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  1. Mrs.Bertimus /// 02.16.2012 /// 7:27am

    Dear Jealous Curator,
    could I please blog about your blog on my little bloggette please? I really think that my art students should know about you!

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.16.2012 /// 8:12am

    of course! thank you so much : )

  3. theGW /// 02.16.2012 /// 9:27am

    this is absolutely gorgeous

  4. Mrs.Bertimus /// 02.16.2012 /// 9:44am

    Many, many thanks!
    Im off to collect those dried up bits of acrylic left on my studio floor now! x

  5. Artsy Forager /// 02.16.2012 /// 10:01am

    Love seeing Margie’s work featured here! Will be in Seattle in April and am definitely making a trip to Greg Kucera Gallery to see her work up close & personal.

    I’ve actually tried to make something out of the dried up acrylics from my palette, but as intriguing as they were, they weren’t even close to Margie’s brilliance!


  6. blythe /// 02.16.2012 /// 12:35pm

    Oh holy wow. I love everything about this – including the incredibly obsessive commitment it must have required to create these.

  7. Jonathan /// 02.16.2012 /// 11:59pm

    Nice! The furthest I had ever gotten with those acrylic remnants was to photograph them; used one in a slightly irrelevant post for it- yet anyway it had a great design feel. http://parksartworks.blogspot.com/2010/04/art-materials-reduce.html

  8. tiffanie /// 02.17.2012 /// 7:55am

    Very cool. The wood grain pieces are my favorite, and can’t figure out for the life of me how she did the last piece!

  9. Uncle Beefy /// 02.17.2012 /// 1:12pm

    Holy cow bells! Dried paint?! I wish I’d thought of that!

    It’s awesome to see Margie’s work here and how much she’s developed. We used to be in art school together and she continues to be an artistic inspiration. Wow.

  10. Jennifer /// 02.18.2012 /// 2:28pm

    I used to work like this! Dipping objects in paint, adding layers and layers until the original form was lost. So much fun.

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