i’m jealous of liz miller

I found this work in the ‘drawing’ section of American artist Liz Miller‘s portfolio. Um, my drawings do not look like this. At all. I guess she considers these incredibly beautiful/complex pieces to be very simple sketches… you’ll see what I mean when you see her main body of work:

Yep. Crazy!

{Thanks to Carolyn at  SOO Visual Arts Center for the link to Liz’s work.}

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  1. Christina /// 02.20.2012 /// 12:56pm

    Very inventive. Love the work!

  2. tijana /// 02.20.2012 /// 4:23pm

    phenomenal! reminds me of snow flake paper projects in grade school gone rampant!!! super rad.

  3. Mari Robeson /// 02.20.2012 /// 8:17pm

    Seriously?!?! Wow! Stunning!!!!

  4. Liz Miller - I'M REVOLTING /// 02.28.2012 /// 8:49pm

    […] Works on paper by Liz Miller, each one more amazing than the last, via the jealous curator. […]