i’m jealous of britt bass

So, a few weeks ago I found these amazing little arrowheads, by American artist Britt Bass, on Pinterest {via Kate Roebuck}.

So cool, right? Yep, I loved them right away! And then today, I was poking around on the always fabulous curate1k, and found more work by Britt… also in the ‘arrow family’:

Gasp! I love them so much. The real trick, of course, is deciding which ones to buy… pink? gold? neon red?! I literally cannot decide… {please stand by as I take a quick break in the writing of this post.} Ok, I just popped over to her Etsy shop and bought the final pair in this post…. Pink, gold, neon red it is! YAY!

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  1. Erin Austen Abbott /// 03.27.2012 /// 5:56pm

    Yay! So fun! The arrowheads came to me in a dream and I made Britt make them. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in this love fest. I love her arrows so much! So glad to see you feature these.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2012 /// 9:20am

    not only did i feature them… i bought one! ; )

  3. Saskia /// 03.29.2012 /// 1:50am

    They are gorgeous! You purchased excellently. Oh noooooo. I had never heard of Curate 1k. Help. Another internet time vacuum. I’ve just whiled away another half hour of my life (albeit very enjoyably), when I could’ve/should’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire with the husband…

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2012 /// 6:20am

    isn’t curate1k amazing? she has great taste : )

  5. Saskia /// 03.29.2012 /// 8:04pm

    Amazing taste! Can’t stop looking at it 🙂
    This one is a nice way to lose a few hours too (all vintage stuff): http://50watts.com/images/random

  6. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2012 /// 8:30pm

    oooh! i haven’t seen that before – fantastic!

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  8. Inder /// 05.01.2015 /// 6:21am

    I want to buy the feather lapel pins.