i’m jealous of sabine timm

Hm, jealous isn’t really the right word… I think obsessed is much more accurate! Yes. I am obsessed with the tiny, lovely little world of Duesseldorf based artist Sabine Timm. I’m about to show you what seems like most of her flickr stream, but I couldn’t help it {hence the term “obsession” I suppose}:

Gah!! Yep, I want to live in a teeny tiny house so that I can invite Sabine over for a teeny tiny cup of tea on a little bitty table… I call dibs on the chair though:

{via Luna}

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  1. jacqueline /// 05.04.2012 /// 7:52am

    Oh these are adorable! The place setting faces are my favorite. I’m curious how big these guys are in real life.

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.04.2012 /// 10:26am

    yes! i love that one too! they’re pretty tiny!!! here’s a couple of shots that gives a sense of scale:

    and this:

  3. Robin Romain /// 05.04.2012 /// 4:33pm

    Gah is right! These are so whimsical and sweet. I also love her beach finds and the charming characters she makes with them.

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.05.2012 /// 7:15pm

    yes – those are quite something! here’s a link for anyone who’s interested in her “beach beauties”:

  5. Lari Washburn /// 05.06.2012 /// 3:03am

    I love her work! She is such a genius at putting humor into her work so that it is never cute.

  6. Meg in Progress /// 05.07.2012 /// 8:06am

    I would like to move into her mind right.this.instant.


  7. Sandra /// 05.07.2012 /// 12:31pm

    Love the miniatures – whimsy but not saccharine.

  8. the jealous curator /// 05.07.2012 /// 2:31pm


  9. Carla /// 09.17.2012 /// 6:14pm


  10. Carla /// 09.17.2012 /// 6:14pm


  11. Theresa /// 01.21.2013 /// 8:58pm

    I would like a couple of life size pieces

  12. Krystin /// 05.10.2013 /// 7:03am

    Does she sell any of these items?

  13. the jealous curator /// 05.10.2013 /// 9:38am

    i’m not sure actually… her paintings are for sale via “sebastian foster gallery” (http://sebastianfoster.com/SabineTimm.aspx) you could check in with them … good luck! : )

  14. Annie /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:46am

    I’m moving in straight away!

  15. Creator of Tiny Things | A Cup of Tea With This Crazy Nia /// 10.14.2015 /// 8:29am

    […] https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2012/05/04/im-jealous-of-sabine-timm/ […]

  16. Jorge Arenas /// 11.14.2022 /// 12:49pm

    Thanks for sharing Sabine´s work… I really love the moving bunches… they´re really a live sample of furniture design pieces looking for a space to abide!!!

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