i’m jealous of fede saenz

Pink. Black. White. Enough said.

…ok, wait… I have to say more! Not only are these gorgeous mixed media pieces {acrylic, graphite, pastel, and spraypaint on canvas}, by Argentina born-Brooklyn based artist Fede Saenz, a stunning yet simple palette of pink, black, and white, they are also really, really BIG! They’re all approximately 48″ x 68″… and I’m pretty sure that I heard one of them say it wanted to come home with me. For real.

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  1. Kathleen /// 05.09.2012 /// 6:43am

    I am jealous of Fede Saenz also, but I am also jealous of you because you are able to be so honest about being jealous. I am mostly jealous of Pat Steir. Thank you for such an interesting blog.

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.09.2012 /// 6:51am

    thank you so much kathleen! yep, we’ve all got a few who really get us, don’t we!?

  3. Interiors Monologue /// 05.10.2012 /// 3:56am

    Oh my! What truly fab colours. Inspirational and yes we want one. Very jealous indeed!

  4. RealAbstract /// 05.11.2012 /// 4:10am

    These are fresh! Thanks for filling us in on his work!

  5. RealAbstract /// 05.13.2012 /// 4:41pm

    Check out this nice interview I just found: http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/federico-fede-saenz-recio/


  6. the jealous curator /// 05.13.2012 /// 7:26pm

    ooh, very cool! thanks for this : )

  7. le banc moussu /// 05.15.2012 /// 8:36am

    I’m jealous too! Thanks! I’ve found your blog here in paris….

  8. Ashley Hamilton /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:30am

    I . am. so. jealous.

    funny enough, i share freakishly similar ideas to her (according to her artist’s statement) — i LOVE love love love these!!!

  9. the jealous curator /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:33am

    i love them too – stunning! ps. fede is a he ; )

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  11. AlexSabourin /// 12.06.2012 /// 3:23pm

    mmm…warm grey

  12. Federico Saenz Recio | kooye /// 12.16.2012 /// 9:00am

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