i’m jealous of elizabeth mayville

Ahhh, these paintings make me want to exhale. So simple. So quiet. So lovely. They are the work of American artist/illustrator Elizabeth Mayville. As much as I love these buildings, and simple still life pieces, it was actually a couple of slightly bizarre portraits that roped me into Elizabeth’s portfolio:

Yep. Ladies with birds on their heads. Love.

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  1. Carol Roque /// 05.11.2012 /// 9:33pm

    These are SO great! The last one is my favorite!:)

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.11.2012 /// 9:56pm

    me too! (although i love the grapefruits too!)

  3. nathalie /// 05.12.2012 /// 5:37am


  4. Lisa Zador /// 05.14.2012 /// 1:51pm

    Such hauntingly beautiful paintings, thank-you for sharing them!

  5. kate - art hound /// 05.16.2012 /// 8:57am

    love her too! in fact she’s going to be on Buy Some Damn Art soon! : )

  6. the jealous curator /// 05.16.2012 /// 10:00am

    oh, perfect fit!

  7. Susan in PDX /// 05.16.2012 /// 7:33pm


    I’m seeing Wayne Thiebaud influences, especially in that first landscape.

  8. Jacq in NZ /// 02.08.2017 /// 3:52pm

    Elizabeth Mayville lives and works in Grand Rapids Michigan USA, interestingly, the painting of lady in pink with a Huia bird perched on her head is an extinct native bird of New Zealand.
    Iā€™m a little curious as to why the artist choose this particular bird.

    Love!… made me smile. šŸ™‚