i’m jealous of rebecca rothfus

Pencil, gouache, and paper on panel… and a few unsightly blemishes on the horizon made beautiful. Seriously… have you ever seen such lovely power lines? This is the work of American artist Rebecca Rothfus. I have loved her paintings for a long time, and I’m so excited to find out that I’ll get to meet her next April {she’s coming to GIRL CRUSH Austin, hosted by me and Alyson Fox!}.

Now, I won’t be in Austin until next spring, but if you’re there right now, you can see Rebecca’s work at grayDUCK Gallery, from June 15th ~ July 15th, 2012.

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  1. Laura /// 06.28.2012 /// 10:46am

    Love her artwork- it’s fab!!

  2. Amanda /// 06.28.2012 /// 3:17pm

    Thanks for sharing; her work is gorgeous!

  3. the jealous curator /// 06.28.2012 /// 3:28pm

    isn’t it? so simple… yet complex. love.

  4. Chrissy Poitras /// 06.29.2012 /// 5:55pm

    Another one of our past residents. Rebecca’s work is amazing! I wish I could come to Austin for the Girl Crush event…

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.29.2012 /// 8:07pm

    really!? you get all the best people! i wish you could come to austin too… wait, why can’t you?!

  6. Kpaull /// 07.08.2012 /// 3:29pm

    Such gorgeous colors and elegant lines with sophisticated restraint. A deep and satisfying breath in an overly busy world.

  7. Mark /// 07.20.2012 /// 6:00am

    Man oh man, those are simply divine and make me a bit jealous as well. Nice choice!

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