i’m jealous of allison freeman

If you know me, you know how much I love a good “to-do” list. What I love even more than the actual list, is crossing things off of the list. And, what I love even more than crossing things off of the list, are these oil paintings of crossed off lists, by Brooklyn based artist Allison Freeman.

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  1. Laura@paperthreadjournal /// 07.09.2012 /// 7:16am

    Yes, I agree I’m jealous too, I love the quality of marks, hmmm!

  2. Hagar /// 07.09.2012 /// 7:22am

    My favorite “to-do”list ever!

  3. Rachael /// 07.09.2012 /// 9:08am

    These are wonderful! I’ve always wanted a painting of a chalkboard with a French menu of the day.

  4. Fiene Scharp /// 07.09.2012 /// 10:52am

    Oh yes! Thank you for the post.

  5. Ashley Hamilton /// 07.10.2012 /// 6:48am


  6. the jealous curator /// 07.10.2012 /// 2:11pm

    i know, right?!