i’m jealous of janet hill

My goodness ~ so many childhood memories come rushing back to me when I look at these paintings by Canadian artist Janet Hill…. my fancy ruffle blouse saved for picture day at school, prancing around in my mom’s high heels, and making pickles in my grandmother’s kitchen. Sigh… good times.

{via Artsy Forager on Pinterest}

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  1. Andrea R. /// 08.30.2012 /// 8:11am

    I love almost all of the art that you are jealous of! I am jealous too! 🙂 Cheers!

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2012 /// 2:02pm

    thanks andrea! : )

  3. Artsy Forager /// 08.30.2012 /// 7:07pm

    Thanks for the shout-out! Doesn’t her work remind you of Holly Farrell’s? Similar, yet so different. I was completely smitten and glad you were, too!

  4. Manon /// 08.30.2012 /// 11:10pm

    MOi aussi je suis jalouse,c’est magnifique.



  5. Alisha Erin /// 08.31.2012 /// 4:54am

    I love the consistent color palette.

  6. Laura /// 08.31.2012 /// 8:04pm

    I can’t close this page because I can’t stop looking. So pretty.

  7. Rita /// 09.01.2012 /// 7:07pm

    I’ve loved Janet Hill for a long time, so glad to see her work here. I’ve been wanting to buy a print for a while but just can’t decide on which one!

  8. Holly Farrell /// 09.02.2012 /// 5:17am

    I have admired Janet’s work for quite some time…we share a love for vintage. Love her shoe paintings especially.

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  11. Dana orlando /// 09.11.2012 /// 3:33pm

    hello,all I can say is,oh my oh my,tis a happy,fun,motivating,inspiring,place I have
    happened upon! & the drop down menu of all going on here is most astonishing! I must say in all honesty though,I do not engage in jealousy…oh no no no! It does not feel good, yet I do know I will not be able to stay away from a daily visit to The Jealous Curator to explore and indulge in the wonder of it all! I send giant thank you’s to all the amazing and enchanting artists I’ve yet to encounter here. You have come into my life at a time when I really needed your inspiration ……♡♡ signed in peace with much love,Dana

  12. Leiah /// 09.12.2012 /// 5:04am

    I just ran across Janet Hill’s artwork on another blog minutes ago! Must be some buzz about her now… love it!