i’m jealous of andy harman

This is like a gigantic, knotty flashback to my youth. For some strange reason, my father {a PhD scientist} loved doing macrame!? Yep, we’re talking planters, guitar straps, and several beady-eyed owls… but none of them were quite like this one! New York based artist Andy Harman has given me a new appreciation for this 1970’s art form with this awesomely gigantic piece, titled  “The Owl”. Look at those huge wooden eyes? Dad, you might want to get some more twine!

{via Meighan O’Toole on Pinterest}

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  1. Dan Cumming /// 09.24.2012 /// 1:01pm

    He also hooked rugs! Oh, and no need to get more twine. I still have most of the old supplies. These are impressive though! My favoirte macrame photo was a three pot hanger with one of our cats snuggled in one of the pots.

  2. Margie /// 09.24.2012 /// 3:31pm

    oh my Lord that is impressive…

  3. Saskia /// 09.24.2012 /// 8:04pm

    Yikes. That is fantastic (in the true sense of the word)! It has cast me straight back to my childhood too. My mum was the queen of macrame owls (we had a collection around the fire-place); and also bashed copper portraits mounted on cork, torch-fired enamel jewellery, wicker hanging baskets, I could go on…

  4. sue /// 09.25.2012 /// 5:23am

    i adore this! it takes me back too… my mum used to make the owls & various macrame planters!!! 😉

  5. Dan Cumming /// 09.25.2012 /// 6:37am

    All very nice and the Jealous Curator has started something but there could yet be a “Stumpkin expose” if all this talk of parents and their hobbies persists!

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  7. allie kelley /// 10.03.2012 /// 7:19pm

    wow. very clever, indeed.

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