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I’m not even sure where to begin. I had a girl crush on Shauna Alterio before I got to Philly last Thursday night… but then I met her {and her wonderful husband Stephen!}, and well, I am in complete awe of both of them. They literally are creative geniuses, and their home… my word, it’s like waking up in an artsy heaven! Have a look:

Yeah, I know! We spent Friday setting up for Saturday {and we may have found some time to go out for brunch, and then a delicious dinner in downtown Philly!}. I fell asleep in this gorgeous loft, and woke up bright and early – ready for another GIRL CRUSH to get underway! An amazing group of women arrived {along with a whole bunch of much-needed coffee and plates full of yummy pastries}, and then, the even more amazing conversation got started:

This is GIRL CRUSH No.5, and I am always still so moved by the conversation that springs up during our morning of creative block bashing exercises. There are definite themes that have come up at each event, but the most consistent thing is the open, honest, heart-felt words that each person openly shares. Without getting too mushy on you, it truly does warm my heart.

Ok, so after about five pots of coffee {thank you Stephen!}, it was time for a delicious catered lunch… and then, of course, onto the art!!! Oh. So. Many. Supplies!

Collages on found book covers! Love, love, love! What else do I love while making art? Yes… whoopie pies!

Sugar. An essential part of the art-making process. They were graciously donated by Coco Love {thank you!}… oh, and speaking of graciously donated things, the gift bags were so heavy, I could barely pick them up!!!

Thank you soooo much to our lovely sponsors:

decor : bhldn // gift bag : green marketgirls can tellmade by hankgiant dwarfseed house

Yes. It was an amazing event! My crush on Shauna has definitely grown, but she might have a little competition, living right under her very own roof:

{photo credit: all photos were taken by women at the event. The last two in the post were from Lisa, anything with a little ‘L’ in the bottom right corner was taken by Leslie, and everything else was shot by Shauna & Stephen. Thank you all!}

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  1. smäm /// 10.19.2012 /// 9:30am

    Very nice 🙂

  2. Giova Brusa /// 10.19.2012 /// 10:12am

    I love it, everything!! I wish I was closer, that it didn’t take so long to get there, that they didn’t make me take my shoes off at the airport! I love this Girl crush parties!!

  3. kittee /// 10.19.2012 /// 3:48pm

    oh, those shoes!!!

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.19.2012 /// 4:34pm

    aren’t they great!?

  5. Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog /// 10.21.2012 /// 9:01pm

    Where-oh-where did you get/make those awesome animal photo holders? eeee! Please tell!

  6. the jealous curator /// 10.22.2012 /// 7:38am

    aren’t those gorgeous?! shauna designed them when she worked at anthropology (as part of bhldn) here’s a link to the bunnies:

  7. Bridget /// 10.22.2012 /// 7:43am

    This looks amazing in all kinds of ways (Shauna’s amazing, and the apartment, and the art!) and is giving me warm fuzzy memories of our own SF Girl Crush. Also geekliy excited that Pictorial Webster’s ( features prominently in Shauna’s portrait.


  8. Jennifer Anne /// 11.05.2012 /// 8:49am

    A Toronto Girl Crush event would be very lovely. Just putting the thought out there 😉

  9. the jealous curator /// 11.05.2012 /// 8:50am

    don’t worry… the thought is already there! trying to figure something out for 2013!

  10. rebecca /// 12.04.2012 /// 8:35am

    So wish I could have been there!

  11. Molly /// 02.17.2013 /// 3:53pm

    Aw, wish I had known! It looks like a great time.

  12. jenn /// 04.06.2013 /// 10:18am

    any plans in 2013? wishing…from upstate NY

  13. the jealous curator /// 04.06.2013 /// 2:03pm

    hi jenn… i don’t know to tell you the truth! trying to figure out what might happen for the rest of this year. austin is happening in 2 weeks and then i’ll decide how the rest of the year rolls out… i’ll keep you posted : )

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