i’m jealous of gabriel dawe

Gasp! Can you imagine seeing this rainbow in person?! If you did, that means you were in Como, Italy for Miniartextil, and that you were one of the lucky people to see this unbelievable thread installation by¬†Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe. If you were,¬†in fact, one of those people, you’re officially added to my list of people to be jealous of! This. Is. Stunning!

{via My Modern Met}

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  1. Ashley Hamilton /// 10.29.2012 /// 11:02am


  2. the jealous curator /// 10.29.2012 /// 1:31pm


  3. wdw /// 10.31.2012 /// 5:58pm

    holy smokes that’s amazing

  4. Jennifer /// 11.07.2012 /// 1:06am

    I was lucky enough to see one of Dawe’s installations at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was gorgeous! Though the installation itself was exactly the same as these photos, the Italian backdrop adds a lot compared to the sterile gallery space I saw it in.

    But yeah, it was awesome to see in person!

  5. Autumn /// 11.13.2012 /// 12:40pm

    absolutely stunning, are you kidding me??

  6. the jealous curator /// 11.13.2012 /// 12:45pm

    i’m not! i’m totally serious!!! ; )

  7. Friday, Friday, Friday!! | The Purplest House /// 11.30.2012 /// 2:58pm

    […] Ethereal handmade rainbow […]

  8. Suzy Hokanson /// 07.19.2013 /// 4:04am

    Gabriel Dawe is amazing! I was fortunate in being able to help him install one of his pieces… Plexus 21.. at The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Gutstein Gallery. It took 5 days working 10-6pm with a lunch break to place 80+ miles of colored Gutterman acrylic sewing thread from hook to hook following his intricate directions. I wrote about the experience on my blog…
    and about seeing P,exus 22 in Miami… http://suzyhok.blogspot.com/2013/04/more-dawe-some-artwork-this-time-miami.html

  9. the jealous curator /// 07.19.2013 /// 6:39am

    wow! so cool! what a GORGEOUS installation! thanks for the links suzy!