i’m jealous of luka fineisen

Bubbles!!!! Oh my gosh, I’m trying so hard not to make a joke about ‘pop’ art.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to come around a corner, and find a floor full of giant, delicate, unpoppable plastic bubbles? Well, if you’re lucky enough to see the installation work of German artist Luka Fineisen, that’s exactly what you’ll get! *POP*

{via Fine Line Magazine}

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  1. michele /// 01.10.2013 /// 11:43am

    …oh…wow! i wonder what they look like when they get dusty.

  2. Zia Daugherty /// 01.10.2013 /// 1:46pm

    I absolutely love that idea! I saw an artist in a museum once who created a perfect replica (and I mean PERFECT) of a dandelion growing out of the floor boards… only it was a metal sculpture! Very cool.

  3. annton /// 01.11.2013 /// 3:10am

    there is something very innocent and fragile about bubbles, that always keeps me holding my breath. they are beautiful!

  4. Jenn /// 01.11.2013 /// 5:32am


  5. Miss Ruth /// 01.11.2013 /// 10:19am

    That is amazing! A more durable and permanent version of something so fragile and temporary.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.11.2013 /// 10:40am

    lovely description ruth!

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  8. Natalie /// 09.26.2015 /// 7:22am

    Does anyone know how he made this?!

  9. the jealous curator /// 09.26.2015 /// 9:12am

    magic? 😉