i’m jealous of johnny bull

Ooh la la! Lovely little french storefronts, pulled out of their environments, dropped against color-blocked backgrounds, and painted oh so sweetly by Johnny Bull. As far as I can tell from his blog posts, he was actually living in France while he did this work. Here is that post, from 2011:

I love ’em, those French and their cheeky shops. The chocolatier Joël Durand has a shop that just reeks of class and, er, chocolate; you’d think he was part of a huge chain with all his specially printed boxes and tissue paper. There’s a universe of difference in attitude between us when it comes to service; don’t ask me why, it’s a bit more of a vocation with them. I’d feel quite happy going to work at the Folie Du Pain… How couldn’t anyone? What a beautiful place. Full of attitude and all of it friendly.
{ps. kind of reminds me of these flying houses from a few weeks ago… except that these aren’t flying, and they’re not photographs… but you know, other than that.}

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  1. Hagar /// 02.05.2013 /// 8:57am

    Oh la la indeed! Vive la belles maisons…;-)

  2. Daughter Earth /// 02.05.2013 /// 9:00am

    love these. the colors in those first 3 are magical!

  3. Topsy /// 02.05.2013 /// 9:06am

    Those color combos made me fly through the roof.

  4. Zia Daugherty /// 02.05.2013 /// 9:12am

    So quaint! I love it!

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.05.2013 /// 12:10pm

    … and now I want to go to France! le sigh.

  6. Artsy Forager /// 02.05.2013 /// 1:39pm

    Ooo, I love these! They have such a collage-y feel to them. And yes, before I ever read the post, I thought to myself, “Oh, these remind me so much of Laurent Chehere’s work!”. Great find!

  7. the jealous curator /// 02.06.2013 /// 10:57am

    don’t they!? and both of them make me want to eat ice cream and baguettes in france!

  8. Johnny Bull /// 04.26.2013 /// 8:02am

    Why thank you so much.
    I’m a little jealous too; your chatty, lovely site is a joy to behold. Well, joy cut with a bit of annoyance!

  9. the jealous curator /// 04.26.2013 /// 8:12am

    um… thank you? ; )

  10. Paul Stickland /// 04.26.2013 /// 12:18pm

    Bloomin’ marvellous I say.

  11. Johnny Bull /// 04.29.2013 /// 1:26am

    I meant annoyance in a very jealous way. This is a lovely blog. Grrr…