i’m jealous of elise werbler

Original hand-printed silkscreened birthstones, by Elise Werbler. Um… LOVE! Now, what I don’t love is my birthstone: emerald. Green. I don’t want green! I want red or pink… but not green. My sister’s birthstone is ruby, and I was always so jealous. Elise’s ruby is the first print in this post, and I think it’s my favorite one in the bunch… however, I’m pretty impressed that Elise even made my dreaded emerald {last piece} look absolutely gorgeous! Hm. Maybe it’s not the emerald’s fault. Perhaps it’s just a bit of misguieded sibling rivalry? #issues

{via curate1k}

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  1. Audrey /// 03.06.2013 /// 8:17am

    The ruby is my birthstone and I always loved emerald more! Funny! I love this idea. These are incredible.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2013 /// 8:23am

    ha! really?! the grass is always greener i guess (or the emerald, for that matter!)

  3. Jessica /// 03.06.2013 /// 9:39am

    I’m emerald too and have never liked it. I’ve always waned to be garnet or sapphire. Especially sapphire! Maybe getting one of these emerald prints would warm me up to my own birthstone 🙂

  4. Brandi Marie /// 03.06.2013 /// 12:17pm

    Well, I’m blue topaz or turquoise. Blah. I guess I have warmed up to turquoise, but it doesn’t really seem like a birthstone.

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2013 /// 2:08pm

    so funny that no one seems particularly happy with their own birthstone(i wonder what that’s about?!)! i’d love blue topaz!!! ; )

  6. Kirstin /// 03.07.2013 /// 6:35am

    Ha! I love the emerald, and I’m an emerald. The emerald print is fabulous! These are gorgeous! Lots of May birthdays in the arts!

  7. lydia see /// 03.10.2013 /// 7:10pm

    I am also a May baby who hates Emeralds!
    My sister’s Diamond (lucky) and my mom’s Ruby (also lucky) and I always resented them, too.
    but frankly, it’s the Emerald’s fault.
    I also take Pantone’s color choice this year as a personal affront.
    However, I do love THIS Emerald print… so maybe I’m coming around.

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.10.2013 /// 10:02pm

    haha! i know… elise’s print is the only thing that’s convincing me that emerald might be ok.