i’m jealous of loretta lux

This is the lovely, and slightly disturbing, work of German artist Loretta Lux. Photographs? Paintings? Both? Well, Loretta is a photographer, but she studied painting at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich… perhaps that’s why her photographs look like this! Some of these pieces take up to a year to complete, as she begins with a photograph but then digitally manipulates it by striping away the background and then dropping her subjects into these muted, dream-like environments. So pretty, and eery, and lovely, and strange… hey Wes Anderson, I think Loretta just cast your next five films!

ps. She photographs boys too, but there was just something about the girls… love love love!

{via The Lacquerie}

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  1. Kari /// 04.05.2013 /// 7:21am

    wow I love these!

  2. julie @ tractorgirl /// 04.05.2013 /// 12:42pm

    not to mention she has a thing for blue-eyed children. Yes, I’ve come across Lux’s work before – wonderful stuff.

  3. Miss Ruth /// 04.05.2013 /// 1:05pm

    These are amazing. Its hard at first to pinpoint why they look so odd…. Then it hit me – they have no shadows.

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.05.2013 /// 1:17pm


  5. Zia Daugherty /// 04.07.2013 /// 11:40am

    They are just disproportioned and doll-like enough to be eerie and surreal. Nice work!

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2013 /// 3:22pm

    aren’t they fantastic! so beautiful/weird.

  7. Jacqueline /// 04.08.2013 /// 8:51am

    I am so glad you mentioned the eery element of these so delicate pictures. What seems to me like the odd factor, nevertheless beautiful, is the theme itself: children in such restrained poses. You just know these pasty blue-eyed girls do love to get muddy, playfully dirty and, naturally, colorful. It’s the containment of the theme that creates the strangeness to me. As some others mentioned, the cut-and-paste (no shadow, proportionally different) aspect of the pictures also add to it….in beautiful form. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Conny /// 04.10.2013 /// 2:38am

    Loretta Lux is an fantastic artist. There is no one like her in the same field
    of photography. They are so beautiful and innocent at the same time.
    I have 8 works in my collection of Loretta Lux and still looking for some more. Wonderful pictures you showing.

  9. unterwegsinsachenkunst /// 04.10.2013 /// 10:59am

    great. bizzare and fascinating these pictures! regards from munich:) Daniela

  10. Teresa /// 04.11.2013 /// 11:45am

    Love her stuff, I’ve known about her for a while. 🙂

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  12. The Symmetric /// 06.06.2013 /// 6:40pm

    The first time I saw her work was at an art fair in NYC about 7 years ago… it was two photographs side by side of that girl in the aqua and red dress set against a background of the sea (the third one down in your list, plus its companion piece) and I just fell in love with everything about them.

    I may never be able to afford one of Lux’s actual prints, but I bought her monograph and carefully removed those two photos/pages and had them framed (they’re actually not far off from the size of her original prints). I’ve had them hanging in three different houses now and they’re still some of my favourite pieces to look at.

  13. Tina /// 04.30.2016 /// 6:34pm

    what a style!

  14. Carolyn /// 04.30.2016 /// 6:35pm

    check out this photographer’s style

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