i’m jealous of joanne arnett

Mugshots. Woven mugshots. Elaborate, meticulous, and absolutely stunning woven mugshots. LOVE!!! This is the work of American artist Joanne Arnett, and I am completely smitten. She’s still in the process of setting up her website, but I couldn’t control myself… I had to write about these NOW!!! So here’s how she does it – she weaves large scale portraits with wire so the face is visible when light bounces off it. The images shift, like a giant daguerreotype from positive to negative depending on where the viewer stands, or sometimes they completely disappear into the plane of fabric. I need to see these in person. A lot.

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  1. Norma I Quintana /// 04.25.2013 /// 6:32am

    Love your blog! I am a photographer and coming out with my first photography book on my 10 years photographing an American one ring circus. I shoot analog…I know old school! Want to keep in touch!

    Again…a million thanks!

  2. brandi marie /// 04.25.2013 /// 8:40am

    Amazing! And I did of course notice the parish in that first one :p

  3. the jealous curator /// 04.25.2013 /// 9:02am

    ha! i instantly thought of you ; )

  4. Araya @ Wind and Willow Home /// 04.25.2013 /// 9:24am

    Completely perfect!

  5. Jessica /// 04.25.2013 /// 10:49am

    Whaaaat?! I want to go out and get arrested so she’ll make a mugshot of ME! So cool. xo

  6. claire /// 04.25.2013 /// 1:36pm

    wow these are amazing, such a great idea

  7. Kari /// 04.25.2013 /// 6:18pm

    Oh these are amazing!

  8. Kelsey Lynore /// 04.25.2013 /// 11:52pm

    I love how she made the weave look like a faulty scan or color copy. The detail is simply smart — reproducing the flaws of mass-production as evidence of attention to detail and care.

  9. Molly /// 04.30.2013 /// 7:50am

    Thank you SOOO much for introducing me to this amazing artist!! I’m so happy to have discovered your website as well. xx Molly

  10. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2013 /// 8:20am

    oh you’re welcome! isn’t her work fantastic?!!?

  11. Daughter Earth /// 05.01.2013 /// 8:55am

    wow. that is it.

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  14. edi /// 05.17.2013 /// 4:35pm

    & what is her relationship to her subject? just curious.

  15. the jealous curator /// 05.17.2013 /// 8:04pm

    hm. that’s a very good question! joanne – if you read this, let us know