i’m jealous of brittany schall

I can’t even make my real hair look like this, let alone draw hair that looks like this! Upswept, long n’ flowing, twists & braids…. these gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall.  Do I want to become her BFF so that we could braid each other’s hair {and then have her draw it}… yes, yes I do.

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  1. Paulette /// 08.06.2013 /// 9:01am

    do you know the work of MARYNN ? She’s French, as I am, and I’m quite sure you will love it !

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.06.2013 /// 10:08am

    i’ll look her up – thanks paulette! : )

  3. Paulette /// 08.06.2013 /// 10:45am

    you’re welcome !
    That’s her website http://www.marynn.com/
    Love the Jealous Curator ! 🙂

  4. Molly /// 08.06.2013 /// 2:45pm

    These hair drawings are beautiful! Your blog truly inspires me (and makes me jealous too!) I love the way you give the scoop on the latest and greatest artists…. I’m so glad to have found your site! I’m an artist still trying to find my place and there’s such encouragement here! Thanks! Molly

  5. Brittany Schall /// 08.19.2013 /// 4:58am

    Dude. I’ll totally braid your hair, just hit me up when you’re in NYC. How long is it? Maybe I can include you in my next series, I’m always looking for interesting people to use for models.


  6. the jealous curator /// 08.19.2013 /// 6:43am

    YES!!! my hair is quite long (past my shoulders), and i’ll be in new york in the spring… i’ll call you! : )

  7. brittany schall /// 09.02.2013 /// 7:36pm

    Word, just email me when you’re in town.

  8. Rowan /// 07.30.2014 /// 5:10am

    This is so great. I’m fairly good at sketching but I’ve never been able to really make great hair. This is just AMAZING!!!

  9. tommy /// 08.26.2014 /// 9:24am

    there is something magical in your art. I draw, and i am a good artist,but nothing like this.

  10. rebecca /// 11.21.2014 /// 7:42am

    Beautiful… what medium are you using. Is it all graphite? What size do you work?