i’m jealous of stephanie k. clark

Houses, trailers, AND embroidery thread. Say no more. I’m in. Speaking of “in”, yes, I’d like to live in that A-frame …  but I don’t want to play favorites … I love all of these homes {most of which are from a series titled “Dwellings”} by American artist Stephanie K. Clark. Oh, oh! But wait  – we can’t leave out this sweet little piece that she made for a baby girl’s nursery:

Yep. A great white shark themed nursery. Kinda awesome.

{Thanks to her lovely/supportive sister, Staci, for sending me a link to Stephanie’s work!}

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  1. Sarah /// 08.08.2013 /// 7:07am

    These are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love the 1st shot – the shadows on the siding are perfect.

  2. Zandra /// 08.08.2013 /// 7:21am

    Hi Danielle!
    My jaw has dropped open and is hanging on the ground over these pieces! I especially love the trailers. The mix of the ode to the past (trailers, embroidery) with a modern presentation has me gaga over this artist! Thanks so much for introducing her! (And, I just now discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Both the art itself and the idea of turing your self-doubting-fueled-jealousy into something you can use for inspiration…it’s terrific!!

  3. Jennifer /// 08.08.2013 /// 9:11am

    Wow. Just wow. She’s an embroidery genius. I’m jealous of Stephanie K. Clark too!

  4. Stephanie /// 08.08.2013 /// 10:13am

    Ahhhh I so excited to be featured on The Jealous Curator. Ive always been jealous of this blog! Thanks so much you’re an absolute doll!

  5. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.08.2013 /// 1:54pm

    oh of course stephanie! your work is just so beautiful… so glad staci sent me the link! : )

  6. Megan Marie /// 08.08.2013 /// 2:40pm

    i love all of her work. so so much.

  7. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.08.2013 /// 6:45pm

    me too. me too. sigh.

  8. Kari /// 08.08.2013 /// 7:29pm

    oh. my. these are amazing.

  9. Susan /// 08.12.2013 /// 5:30pm

    Gah! My heart just melted! Love, love, love!!!

  10. the jealous curator /// 08.12.2013 /// 9:06pm

    ditto ; )

  11. Jessica Wray /// 08.13.2013 /// 1:45pm

    these are insane!! some people’s talent blows my mind

  12. the jealous curator /// 08.13.2013 /// 4:02pm

    welcome to my world ; )

  13. Embroidered Dwellings /// 08.14.2013 /// 6:10am

    […] The Jealous Curator) embroidery · Stephanie K. […]

  14. andrea /// 08.14.2013 /// 3:24pm

    Love the shark!!… and thank you Jealous Curator, this place is full of inspiration!!!

  15. Irene /// 08.16.2013 /// 3:20am

    oh, my gosh. When I saw that first picture, I htought that looks embroidered and lo,a nd behold, it was!!
    Incredible work

  16. Carrie /// 09.28.2013 /// 3:54am

    Amazing. (and love your website, too!)

  17. the jealous curator /// 09.28.2013 /// 10:08am

    thank you carrie! : )