i’m jealous of nick & lilah

Oh boy. Where to start? This is so romantic, and so artistic… and soooo romantic! Ok, on their first date, while out for a walk in West Virginia, Photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz sat and watched the sun set from a hilltop. Yes, that’s already romantic… but wait… it gets even better! While chatting on that hill, they thought it would be amazing to have a house made out of windows so that you wouldn’t have to watch the sun set through one small square…. so a year later, and a lot of time spent at garage sales and flea markets, they built a cabin of windows in the same spot where they had that very first date. Told ya… love, love, love – on so many levels!

There’s a very sweet film about this artsy couple by half cut Tea – have a look:

{via Colossal}

comments (9)

  1. Shawna @ The Sky Parlor /// 08.14.2013 /// 7:27am

    Wow! Amazing house – and story!

  2. CoraMurphy /// 08.14.2013 /// 7:50am

    Oh for God.s sake – they.re amazing and SO romantic!
    Thanks for the best bit of studio escapism in ages!
    I want a house like that immediately… but how to clone Nick!

  3. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.14.2013 /// 7:53am

    haha! that’s another artsy/romantic project to put on the to-do list ; )

  4. Molly Swanson /// 08.14.2013 /// 8:20am

    That IS AMAZING!!! I would love to visit it! So well done with a beautiful story!

  5. Kreetta /// 08.14.2013 /// 9:28am

    I have dreamt of glass wall of old windows…maybe even a whole small house. They got a beautiful place. Wow…and yeah, romantic. Very.

  6. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.14.2013 /// 3:42pm

    so dreamy : )

  7. Sara Viloria /// 08.15.2013 /// 12:48pm

    this is soooooo swweeettttttttt

  8. angevicka /// 08.26.2013 /// 12:48am

    it`s exquisite! how sweet!

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    […] The View From the Window Posted on December 17, 2013 by may Discovered on The Jealous Curator. […]

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