i’m jealous of defne tesal

Pastel icebergs floating in a flat, muted sea of embroidery thread… sigh. This is the lovely work of Istanbul based artist Defne Tesal, from her contemporary embroidery series, “Sea”. I would love to be adrift on this hand-stitched water, although the pieces in her “Along the Road” series might bring me paddling back to dry land:


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  1. Kate Thomas /// 08.19.2013 /// 8:27am

    This is the answer to my own embroidery quandary. Thank you for sharing this outstanding work. I am inspired to go on with my stitching.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.19.2013 /// 8:37am

    oh that thrills me! happy stitching! : )

  3. Kreetta /// 08.19.2013 /// 9:42am

    Simple and beautiful.

  4. Jesse Lu /// 08.19.2013 /// 11:19am

    oh wow… These are really refreshing works. Thanks for the intro! 🙂

  5. Kari /// 08.19.2013 /// 11:49am

    wow. there seems to be zero puckering on these (which is my biggest issue still with filled embroideries). yeah, i’m jealous.

  6. sarah hemm /// 08.19.2013 /// 1:35pm

    love this work!!

  7. Anna /// 08.19.2013 /// 3:23pm

    Ahh, so wonderfully refreshing! Thank you for sharing this fabulous work.

  8. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.19.2013 /// 4:01pm

    yay! i’m so glad you love them as much as i do! i was so excited when these arrived in my inbox from istanbul : )

  9. Elina /// 08.21.2013 /// 6:22am

    I think her illustrations are also awesome .


  10. the jealous curator /// 08.21.2013 /// 6:22am

    agreed : )

  11. Xavier /// 09.26.2013 /// 9:56am

    Peaceful yet perpetual motion… Liked it. Thanks for sharing…

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