i’m jealous of claire softley

Ok, so, I’m a “dog person” … or so I thought! … I cannot get enough of these CATS! They are the work of UK based artist/illustrator Claire Softley, and I want a close up of each one of them in their own kitty-enhancing frame hung in a giant feline-grid on my living room wall! Now, I should point out that Claire makes a lot of work that doesn’t involve cats in any way. My faves are these shelves of cacti, and this lovely abstract piece:

Gorgeous. And with that, I’ll wish a happy weekend to all of you cat, and cactus, lovers out there! {apparently, that’s me!}

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  1. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] /// 09.06.2013 /// 8:37am

    awesome:) !

  2. Susie Refsnes /// 09.14.2013 /// 2:56am

    Just pinned those cats last week ,and I grow pickly pear like no tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve been on your website. I’m jazzed, can’t wait to find out more about you and Claire. Thank-you for all your efforts.

    Susie from Phoenix, AZ

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.14.2013 /// 8:01am

    oh, so glad you found me (and claire!) – thanks susie : )

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