i’m jealous of amy santoferraro… again

“BaskeTREE”… get it?! Ha! Not only is the title of this series hilarious, but all of the pieces are just so fun! Thrift-shopped bits n’ pieces, and what I assume are chunks of pink floral-arrangement foam, assembled into the weirdest little bonsai tree-ish things I’ve ever seen. This is the work of American artist Amy Santoferraro. I wrote about her years ago, and when I stumbled on this work the other day {over on Artsy Forager} it was time to write again… obviously. And now, it’s time to go to the thrift shop, and maybe the plant store… obviously.

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  1. Lesley Frenz | Artsy Forager /// 09.16.2013 /// 7:49am

    These were just plainly the most fun little things I’d seen in a long time! My hubby should be thankful we’re doing this traveling thing because if we had a permanent home, I would soooo be trying to make something like this.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.16.2013 /// 8:46am

    haha! i was thinking of hitting the thrift shop later today!

  3. BarbaraBee /// 09.16.2013 /// 10:03am

    These are extremely fabulous!
    Barbara Bee

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 09.16.2013 /// 7:38pm

    i agree! ; )

  5. Miss Ruth /// 09.17.2013 /// 9:28am

    These are fun and wacky! They remind me a bit of Dr. Seuss landscapes.
    That pink stuff may be rigid foam insulation – I’ve used it in design school for sculpting – it’s much less crumbly than the florist foam.

  6. amy santoferraro /// 09.17.2013 /// 8:41pm

    Thank you for the fantastic write up! Again! I am tickled that you like the work! Thank you for all the wonderful comments too, you all just made my day! hooray!

  7. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2013 /// 6:33am

    yay! thanks for popping in amy : )

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