i’m jealous of soo sunny park

I am absolutely sure that you saw images of this stunning installation, at the Rice Gallery in Houston, earlier this summer. It’s titled “Unwoven Light” and was featured on every amazing art blog out there! {the grabs above, for example, are from a post on the always fantastic Artful Desperado}. I found it a week after everyone had written about it, ie. I totally missed the boat on this one! However, I just watched the installation video and thought it was breathtaking. What I love, almost even more than the final piece, is watching New Hampshire based artist Soo Sunny Park build, install, and be surrounded by her gorgeous, detailed, light-filled work:

So amazing, yes? Yes.

{All of these images are stills that I pulled from this lovely video by Mark & Angela Walley of Walley Films}

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  1. Frances /// 10.07.2013 /// 7:37am

    Amazing yes. Such a beautiful installation.

  2. Kari /// 10.07.2013 /// 8:07am

    I saw this; it was amazing! The glittering floor and walls were just as beautiful as the sculptures : )

  3. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2013 /// 8:45am

    wow! jealous! wish i could have seen it in person!

  4. nicole /// 10.07.2013 /// 9:02am

    man I missed this one two… and I actually could have seen it

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2013 /// 9:52am


  6. Naomi /// 10.07.2013 /// 4:16pm

    This is absolutely beautiful. It would be really amazing at something like Nuit Blanche, where it could take advantage of the night.


  7. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2013 /// 10:21pm


  8. Zoe /// 10.09.2013 /// 9:25am

    I saw this on Colossal a few weeks back — ugh, so beautiful. I love the stills! I linked them to the tumblr of the student group I oversee: http://hammerstudentassociation.tumblr.com/

  9. Emily /// 10.13.2013 /// 12:18pm

    Dreamy! The Rice Gallery always has an amazing installation during the summer.

  10. Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park - Fun Stuff Cafe /// 10.15.2013 /// 12:26am

    […] Spotted on The Jealous Curator. […]

  11. Angela Walley /// 11.04.2013 /// 4:38pm

    Thank you very much for sharing our film on your lovely blog 🙂

  12. the jealous curator /// 11.04.2013 /// 7:40pm

    of course! it’s gorgeous! : )

  13. Ms Brightside /// 11.23.2013 /// 9:57am

    Damn I also missed it:( I’m starting to decide that I love installations more than canvas paintings when I see such works, amazing.

  14. Laurel /// 12.29.2013 /// 12:23pm

    copy that Ms Brightside.

  15. سعيد /// 01.15.2014 /// 12:47pm

    انها جميله فعلآ ما هذا الادوات والخمات فى هذا الابداع الجميل

  16. سعيد /// 01.15.2014 /// 12:48pm

    haapy_h@yahoo.com 0201113511733 هذا دا رقمى الخاص

  17. Luci Garvin /// 02.14.2014 /// 7:30pm

    I. Can only imagine this being installed……blessings for such talent….I like:)lg

  18. Ana Ayala /// 07.12.2014 /// 7:55pm

    Felicitacion voy a aplicar tu proyecto es de inspiracion bendiciones.

  19. Mary Blumke /// 12.08.2014 /// 7:13pm


  20. Teresa Freeman /// 07.13.2015 /// 4:47pm

    I love ur art it’s awesome incredible talent.

  21. Serafima /// 10.31.2016 /// 1:06pm

    Hi can you tell me what material the installation is made of? I do course work and I need this a transparent miracle. Thank you in advance

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