danielle kroll

Pickles, ponies, and party dresses!! Now THAT is a sketchbook! And the creator of these amazing “sketches”… Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, AND designer Danielle Kroll. Now, if this is what her unfinished work looks like, just image the finished pieces! She has done all sorts of things for clients like Anthropologie, and Land of Nod just to name drop a couple of biggies.

One of my favorite things, aside from that fab sketchbook of course, is this personal project:

“In August 2012 I backpacked through the John Muir Trail. These photos are some of the sites I saw along the 200+ miles. There’s a lot of time to think while hiking and a few images really stuck in my mind – like what if the trail was rainbow colored? It certainly would be easier to follow.”


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  1. Frances /// 10.14.2013 /// 8:25am

    Such jaw-dropping sketchbook pages! I would love to do the John Muir Trail someday. I love the color and whimsy in her work.

  2. Jen /// 10.14.2013 /// 8:54am

    Ah! Thank you for posting her work. Love it so so much! Just bought a print from her shop. YAY!

  3. Kreetta /// 10.14.2013 /// 9:30am

    I love these!

  4. Vânia /// 10.14.2013 /// 9:31am


  5. Kreetta /// 10.14.2013 /// 9:32am

    I love these! Piece of art – I think.

  6. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 10.15.2013 /// 3:15am

    i absolutely love these! they actually make me happy 🙂

  7. Happy Friday! /// 10.18.2013 /// 7:34am

    […] Just purchased a print from this artist. Can’t wait to hang it up! […]

  8. Anna /// 02.28.2015 /// 5:42pm

    wow! so cute!! what type of sketch books should be used for this type of art?

  9. Debbie Gilbert /// 11.13.2015 /// 11:50am

    These are really priceless!! I also love your tag about wishing “I thought of that”…I could not begin to recall how many times I have said that!!!!

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