jennifer davis… always

So, we’re all familiar with the beautifully bizarre animal paintings in the portfolio of Minneapolis based artist Jennifer Davis,¬†right?

Love, love, love! Now… look what happens to lost, forgotten, lonely¬†ceramic animals when Jennifer spends a little too much time in her local thrift shop:

Gah! She JenniferDavis’ed them!!! {Ok, I just made that up, but that should totally be a thing!} Crazy stripes, gorgeous colors, and oh, so much fun! She always has a few of these critters for sale in her Etsy shop, so pop over and have a look… I’m waiting for a wiener dog.

ps. Jennifer also does commissioned pet portraits! I’ve included a few of them in a group of work that I just chose for Liz Lemon over on SF Girl By Bay today… yes, I said Liz Lemon.

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  2. Sarah /// 06.25.2014 /// 2:08pm

    I shared this awesome post on my blog today!